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How I’m Doing It: Raising Healthy Children

How I’m Doing It: Raising Healthy Children

The following post first appeared in the How I’m Doing It blog for Experience Life magazine. Read my original April 2014 magazine article here, in the How I’m Doing It column. “Eat good food. Exercise. Sleep.” This is how my 4-year-old describes the three things she needs to do to be healthy. Hearing her recite what I’ve taught her as … Continue reading

Healthy Living Wins Me Health – and a Contest

I’ve proudly documented on this blog my journey to a healthy body and lifestyle over the last two years. From writing about joining my gym, Life Time Fitness, in November 2010, to embracing the revolutionary act of healthy living in January 2011, to completing an indoor triathlon in March 2011, to attending a Feel Good Fitness retreat in June 2012, … Continue reading

Honor Your Committments, Not Your Feelings

I joined a gym. I’ve been trying since Bean was three months old (so four months ago) to lose this baby weight. I’ve had limited carbs, no cheese, no dessert; walked a little each day, did yoga weekly, took a bike ride now and then. All the while wondering why women, after all we go … Continue reading

A Day in the Park: A Photo Essay

I have gotten so wrapped up in all the things I “should be” or “need to” be doing as a new parent, that I am getting quite stressed. I’ve always liked to do at least a dozen things at once. It’s getting more difficult to operate that way these days. So hubby, baby and I … Continue reading

Enrichment is a Ten Letter Word

Enrichment: to make rich or richer especially by the addition or increase of some desirable quality, attribute, or ingredient.* Bean is enrolled in exactly one formal enrichment activity: swimming. Really it’s more aptly called, “water awareness”. Her first class was this weekend. Three days later, I am still recovering. As an organized mama, I was … Continue reading

When Trying New Things is Trying

I am realizing that maybe I don’t know exactly how this whole parenting gig is going to turn out. I always knew there’d be an element of surprise and mystery, but lately it is anyone’s guess about what my almost five-month-old is going to do. My husband and I are trying to soothe her through … Continue reading

Surviving One of THOSE Days

I’ll admit it: I have a pretty good baby. She doesn’t cry for no apparent reason, she smiles a lot and usually sleeps a consistent eight hours a night. Yet, her sleeping mostly through the night doesn’t mean I’m getting a lot of sleep. I stay up a little after I put her down for … Continue reading

Seeking Balance Part 2

I headed over to East Meets West today again (this time with my neighbors!) to check out “Mom and Me” yoga. I expected it to be part play, part workout. I’m glad I had the right expectations for the hour-long session. The Bean did great in the first half – smiling, cooing. And she was … Continue reading

Seeking Balance

I’ve been doing yoga for about eight years now – started right after the stress of grad school wore me out! Ha! Such “stress” pales in comparison to what I face now that I’m a mom. Yet, maybe it’s not so much “stress” as it is imbalance. Or rather, the effort of seeking balance. I … Continue reading