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Shop Kids Consignment (Save Money for Food)

Shop Kids Consignment (Save Money for Food)

Are you constantly comparing prices on everything from food to babysitters to gas per gallon? Then you, my friend, would love the best consignment sale in our area that is happening this weekend, September 20-22. I keep thinking of those crazy couponers on reality TV who basically transfer the cost of getting free low-grade food … Continue reading

Bargain Hunting at a Consignment Sale

Do you like to bargain hunt? Then get thee to the Just Between Friends Consignment Sale  in nearby Haymarket the weekend of September 28-30. I’ve been to a JBF sale before – it’s a well-run sale that’s locally owned in several locations. Turns out that our area has two sales! This is the first time … Continue reading

Consignment Love Affair Continues this Weekend!

Since becoming a mom I’ve discovered the thrill and economic joy of children’s consignment sales and stores. While stores offer a regular supply of items, bigger once or twice yearly sales offer the benefit of a large selection of items – really anything baby and kid related. This weekend is my favorite biannual sale, hosted … Continue reading

Consignment Craze 3.0: This Weekend

I have waited months for this weekend: it’s the Just Between Friends Fall children’s consignment sale! I love a bargain. I come from a family of couponers and deal hunters that are a few steps removed from Extreme Couponing but who are not above showing off receipts of hard-won shopping savings (love you, Mom). As … Continue reading

Shopping for the Best Deals Around Vienna

In February, I self-imposed a ban on shopping for kid stuff until Bug’s first birthday in March. Now that she’s one, I may continue to shop. However, I am being more frugal and discerning than ever. Like everyone, our budget is tight and I am also getting overwhelmed by the amount of stuff my little … Continue reading