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Searching on a Friday Afternoon

It’s been a great week. Bean is just so cute and fun these days – giggling and wiggling and smiling all the way. And last night I was at Church Street Cellars for a Vienna Moms Night Out event – super fun with about 30 local ladies. Next week I’ll have a special Vienna Halloween … Continue reading

Dreaming of my Dancing Daughter

This weekend hubby and I went to a dance performance by the group MOMIX, of its work Botanica. We saw it at George Mason University’s Center for the Arts in Fairfax. The show was amazing. A-MAZ-ING. I’m a huge fan of dance shows like that of Cirque Du Soleil and MOMIX. I marvel at the technical … Continue reading

Human Doings vs. Human Beings

My husband recently said to me, “You’re like the Energizer Bunny’s mother: you are always going.” I’ve often prided myself in how much I can accomplish in a short amount of time, taking multi-tasking to an entirely new level. I am an avid list-maker. Before sleep but after having crawled into bed, I will fumble … Continue reading

A Day in the Park: A Photo Essay

I have gotten so wrapped up in all the things I “should be” or “need to” be doing as a new parent, that I am getting quite stressed. I’ve always liked to do at least a dozen things at once. It’s getting more difficult to operate that way these days. So hubby, baby and I … Continue reading

Apple Adventure!

The temperature on the car dashboard read 68 degrees. I backed out of the driveway at 9:20 am with Bean fussing. By 9:25 she was out for her morning nap and I was turning onto Route 66, nothing but blue sky ahead. When I hit a snag in traffic 10 minutes later, I didn’t care: … Continue reading

Animals Around Town

First, as Elvis would say, I need to take care of business: thank you to all the new viewers who visited my blog in the last week! I officially launched the blog on the Web sites of the moms groups I’m in and via email to people I know, and at its peak, the site … Continue reading

Creating a Village in Vienna

As the saying goes, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Well, what if your “village” is a few hundred miles away? As a transplanted New Yorker and new parent, I’m feeling now more than ever the distance between my family and me as we straddle two sides of the Mason-Dixon line. I wouldn’t … Continue reading

The Expansion of Time

I’ve always been a multi-tasker. But being a mom requires not only multi-tasking, but filling each day to the max. Case in point was this past weekend, which was busy with activities and ended with a time-stopping brush with death. Saturday started with something really exciting for me: a chance to practice using my new camera … Continue reading

Celebrating Parenthood

I like to throw parties. I’ll look for any excuse to get people together. After having my daughter, I wanted to do something to honor the journey that I had made from pregnant lady to a mama. It’s so easy to forget what an accomplishment it is, as one is thrust into the round-the-clock caretaking … Continue reading

On Connecting …

As with any major life transition, learning to raise a child is a multi-faceted endeavor. As I move through each day, I find myself thinking about “connecting.” I try to connect with my daughter each day. At 11 weeks, she has really started to coo and be verbal. So I’m trying to connect with her … Continue reading