Living with Kids


Here are just a few resources I like for how to LIVE with kids!

Grow Your Family Strong. A website focused on healthy and practical living for families with busy moms.

Free Range Kids. A blog for the companion book on how to raise self-reliant kids who enjoy life (parents, too!).

Inner Child Fun Blog. Has many ideas for what to do when you don’t know what to do with your kids. My favorite: Carbon-free, creative travel – an imagined alternative to schlepping the whole family onto a plane: imagine yourselves there! It’s so obvious, but so charming as well. The blog even offers templates to help you toward your destination! Bon Voyage!

Let the Children Play. Stories and ideas from a progressive preschool nestled in the Australian bush.

My Little Nomads. A travel blog for families wandering off the beaten path. Travelling with kids – sign me up! A blog powered by a mom who’s a reading teacher and literacy specialist, she aims to empower parents by providing them with simple tools and resources they can use to be the best teachers they can be for their children.

One thought on “Living with Kids

  1. This is beth from the list serve
    welcome to the group
    my little one is almost 3 but would be happy to make a play date


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