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Taking a Break

Hello there. I’m flattered that some of you have noticed that there’s been silence on my blog for a little while. Thanks for your interest. I suppose I’ve taken an unexpected hiatus from blogging. I’ve been busy with a number of work and life related priorities. Everything is fine, but I’m a bit distracted at the moment. … Continue reading

Crazy Fall Fun All Around Vienna

Crazy Fall Fun All Around Vienna

My calendar is becoming a bit angry with me. I keep adding excellent activities to it and it’s too full. Overlapping events that I will try to squeeze in and enjoy with my family. Fall is just too chock full of festivals, fairs and lovely weather to stay home doing nothing. (Although I could probably … Continue reading

Bargain Hunting at a Consignment Sale

Do you like to bargain hunt? Then get thee to the Just Between Friends Consignment Sale  in nearby Haymarket the weekend of September 28-30. I’ve been to a JBF sale before – it’s a well-run sale that’s locally owned in several locations. Turns out that our area has two sales! This is the first time … Continue reading

The Summer Life in Vienna: A Photo Essay

It’s been a full summer here in our household. We are in fully potty training phase now,  joined a pool for August and are switching our Ladybug’s child care starting in September. Lots to plan for, but also lots to enjoy, too. I continue to try to be present and mindful of this stage of our … Continue reading

Feeding My Family and Me

Last month I went to Omega Institute for a retreat to Feel Good Fitness. I returned with reminders of nutrition info I’d learned over the last few years as I ate more healthfully through my pregnancy and post-baby life. These days we all have much information to wade through about what we eat, how we eat, … Continue reading

Be Artsy This Weekend in Vienna and Beyond!

With 10 years of piano lessons under my belt, I maintain an allegiance to music and art in my parenting approach. While it has been an achingly long time since I studied Brahms or Beethoven myself, I manage to hammer out some remnants of classical music for my daughter or play her some Billy Joel … Continue reading

Lessons Learned from Biking in Vienna

I’ve been on a crusade to reduce the amount of stuff we rely on each day in our lives. Lately I feel like I’m drowning in toys, papers, clothes and more. Some people will say life with a toddler will do that – despite best efforts, the toys are always present, spilling  their (usually) plastic-from-China … Continue reading

Eco-Friendly in Vienna

It was a rainy Earth Day this past Sunday. Earth Day reminds me of the 8th grade, when I took earth science and realized I was very interested in environmental sciences and preservation. My teacher, Mr. Keller, asked us to research two colleges we’d go to and what we’d study. I picked UCLA and a university … Continue reading

Consignment Love Affair Continues this Weekend!

Since becoming a mom I’ve discovered the thrill and economic joy of children’s consignment sales and stores. While stores offer a regular supply of items, bigger once or twice yearly sales offer the benefit of a large selection of items – really anything baby and kid related. This weekend is my favorite biannual sale, hosted … Continue reading

Vienna Spring Update: Happenings Around Town

Nothing says spring like trees and flowers blooming in Vienna and our surrounding area. Change is in the air. As such, I want to share this list of changes and updates happening in Vienna and nearby. Places I’d like to see have pizza cook-offs. Not one, but two new pizza places have arrived in Vienna. … Continue reading