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The Summer Life in Vienna: A Photo Essay

It’s been a full summer here in our household. We are in fully potty training phase now,  joined a pool for August and are switching our Ladybug’s child care starting in September. Lots to plan for, but also lots to enjoy, too. I continue to try to be present and mindful of this stage of our … Continue reading

Everyday Running Shoes

This has to be the longest time I’ve gone without a blog post in the two years I’ve blogged. Life has been going by faster than a two-year-old in New Balance running shoes. Work has been going full steam ahead with a new project I landed helping a local school district systemically approach kindergarten readiness … Continue reading

Mommy Blogs: 21st Century Phone Calls

I was flattered recently to have attended NOVA Live’s event for blogging women. The event was hosted by Super Nova Mommy, a fellow “Mommy Blogger”, which I suppose is a category my blog fits into at this point in history. It was held at Chic Envy, an upscale consignment store in Fairfax Corner, which I … Continue reading

On the Road & Outside: Mom Has an Adventure

We know that parenthood is an adventure. We have no idea what is in front of us, and are constantly navigating, setting and resetting our course. Part of the adventure includes figuring out how the other facets of our lives fit alongside the parenting portion—especially our jobs outside the home if we have one, and … Continue reading

As a Parent, There is Only Forward

One thing I struggle with greatly as a semi-new parent is that there is no going back to the way life used to be. Even if I protect three or four hours of time to go to the gym, shop online or call my mom, there is always the feeling of having to return to … Continue reading

Where’s the Wife?

It turns out I need a wife. We all do. You know, the “Betty” of the 1950s who had the house tidy, dinner ready and kids bathed when the worker of the two-parent household came home. Thing is, these days, many of us are in two-parent, two-worker households. Yet, our American workforce is still set up … Continue reading

101st Post: Life Is Good

This is my 101st post! Yes, usually people benchmark nice, round numbers like 100. But I looked too quickly at the data on my blog site and thought this post – right here – was number 100. It’s really just a metaphor for life with a kid: you have to take things as they come, … Continue reading

Kicking Butt with Vienna Police

How about that 5.8 earthquake last week… I’ve had lots of interactions with the Vienna Police Department lately. No, not for speeding. I just completed a women’s self-defense class (Rape Aggression Defense System or RAD) offered by the Department and the Town. I also met with Officer Bill Murray (Bill), the Public Information Officer for the … Continue reading