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Healthy Living Wins Me Health – and a Contest

I’ve proudly documented on this blog my journey to a healthy body and lifestyle over the last two years. From writing about joining my gym, Life Time Fitness, in November 2010, to embracing the revolutionary act of healthy living in January 2011, to completing an indoor triathlon in March 2011, to attending a Feel Good Fitness retreat in June 2012, … Continue reading

Feeding My Family and Me

Last month I went to Omega Institute for a retreat to Feel Good Fitness. I returned with reminders of nutrition info I’d learned over the last few years as I ate more healthfully through my pregnancy and post-baby life. These days we all have much information to wade through about what we eat, how we eat, … Continue reading

Feel Good Fitness

Last week I did something unimaginable. Something that’s largely unheard of for moms with young children.  I took a vacation. Yes, a whole week just for myself. A week to recharge, reconnect, refocus on me as a person, in all the roles I play. I’ve been feeling run down with the daily grind of life … Continue reading