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Taking a Break

Hello there. I’m flattered that some of you have noticed that there’s been silence on my blog for a little while. Thanks for your interest. I suppose I’ve taken an unexpected hiatus from blogging. I’ve been busy with a number of work and life related priorities. Everything is fine, but I’m a bit distracted at the moment. … Continue reading

Crazy Fall Fun All Around Vienna

Crazy Fall Fun All Around Vienna

My calendar is becoming a bit angry with me. I keep adding excellent activities to it and it’s too full. Overlapping events that I will try to squeeze in and enjoy with my family. Fall is just too chock full of festivals, fairs and lovely weather to stay home doing nothing. (Although I could probably … Continue reading

The Summer Life in Vienna: A Photo Essay

It’s been a full summer here in our household. We are in fully potty training phase now,  joined a pool for August and are switching our Ladybug’s child care starting in September. Lots to plan for, but also lots to enjoy, too. I continue to try to be present and mindful of this stage of our … Continue reading

Be Artsy This Weekend in Vienna and Beyond!

With 10 years of piano lessons under my belt, I maintain an allegiance to music and art in my parenting approach. While it has been an achingly long time since I studied Brahms or Beethoven myself, I manage to hammer out some remnants of classical music for my daughter or play her some Billy Joel … Continue reading

Eco-Friendly in Vienna

It was a rainy Earth Day this past Sunday. Earth Day reminds me of the 8th grade, when I took earth science and realized I was very interested in environmental sciences and preservation. My teacher, Mr. Keller, asked us to research two colleges we’d go to and what we’d study. I picked UCLA and a university … Continue reading

A Splashing, Swinging Second Birthday

My Ladybug turned two years old last week. People say time goes so fast, they can’t believe it, yadda yadda. It’s true. I think, though, that what makes time go so fast is how much a kid changes in that first two years. She goes from being a blob that just eats and sleeps to … Continue reading

Vienna Spring Update: Happenings Around Town

Nothing says spring like trees and flowers blooming in Vienna and our surrounding area. Change is in the air. As such, I want to share this list of changes and updates happening in Vienna and nearby. Places I’d like to see have pizza cook-offs. Not one, but two new pizza places have arrived in Vienna. … Continue reading

Local Music Giveaways from So Very Vienna

So Very Vienna is proud to announce that local arts venues want to share their wonderful children and family programming with my blog readers. I’m happy to promote opportunities for kids and adults to explore the arts together. There are two great upcoming shows happening in the Vienna and DC Metro area—and two different ticket … Continue reading

Family-Friendly Weekend Mornings

Weekend mornings can be a bit tough in the winter when the park is no longer an option.  While it seems there are many things to do on the weekdays, the weekends get kind of sparse as places reserve their space for pre-registered kid classes. Rec centers and indoor play spaces are pretty much a no-go, … Continue reading