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Why We Need to Raise Free Range Kids

Why We Need to Raise Free Range Kids

Turns out we need our kids to be free-range along with our beef. That’s what journalist and author Lenore Skenazy touts in her book, Free Range Kids – Giving Our Children the Freedom We Had Without Going Nuts with Worry. I’ve read a number of “parenting” books recently. Not really because I’m looking for tips, but … Continue reading

Being Part of Your Kids’ Education

Being Part of Your Kids’ Education

Today I did something fun – I went to Ladybug’s preschool and shared two musical instruments with her and her friends. Another mom volunteer leads weekly music classes with the kids, and has been leading a Carnival of the Animals unit recently (bringing back memories of my own piano teacher sharing with me this famous, … Continue reading

Protect Our Children by Building Community

No sooner had I posted last week that I was on a blog writing break, in part to look for inspiration, ugly inspiration came its way. Horrifying, heart-wrenching inspiration in the form of the Newtown massacre. Like many, my first reaction was to turn to the gun control issue – a topic our nation has long dragged … Continue reading

Muddy Boots, Outdoor Education

Muddy Boots, Outdoor Education

I’ve been working as a “field interpreter” for the George Mason University program that helps teach local middle school students about our watershed. I’m helping to provide students with “Meaningful Watershed Education Experiences” through field investigation days at area parks. I have been looking for some hands-on outdoor education experience. As I’ve become involved with … Continue reading

Parenting with Technology

Let’s just admit it: our children are firmly living in a world of technology. My generation (graduating high school in the late 1990s) might be the last one that remembers not having the Internet in high school and only a little bit in college. We will be the dinosaurs that say, “I had to use … Continue reading

Lessons Learned from Biking in Vienna

I’ve been on a crusade to reduce the amount of stuff we rely on each day in our lives. Lately I feel like I’m drowning in toys, papers, clothes and more. Some people will say life with a toddler will do that – despite best efforts, the toys are always present, spilling  their (usually) plastic-from-China … Continue reading

Eco-Friendly in Vienna

It was a rainy Earth Day this past Sunday. Earth Day reminds me of the 8th grade, when I took earth science and realized I was very interested in environmental sciences and preservation. My teacher, Mr. Keller, asked us to research two colleges we’d go to and what we’d study. I picked UCLA and a university … Continue reading

The Preschool Plunge: Searching for Preschools in Vienna

I began my formal career at the US Department of Education managing federal grant programs that supported educators of very young children. Early childhood education has been my first love in education policy—help the youngest students have a strong start in life, and you get a strong return on investment (specifically, a $7 return for … Continue reading

On the Road & Outside: Mom Has an Adventure

We know that parenthood is an adventure. We have no idea what is in front of us, and are constantly navigating, setting and resetting our course. Part of the adventure includes figuring out how the other facets of our lives fit alongside the parenting portion—especially our jobs outside the home if we have one, and … Continue reading

Holiday Gift Ideas from So Very Vienna

If you’ve been outside your house in the last ten weeks you may have gotten the sense that it’s the holiday season. Such a pressured time, no? Intended to be a season for being grateful and count the many blessings that we have, regardless of our Occupy status, it’s easy to get segued by the … Continue reading