A Quiet Time

P1080632Winter is often a time of quiet. One of mental introspection. One of physical turning inwards. One of planning for the year to come. Nature – flora and fauna – use this time to regenerate, to renew, and to set the intention for the seasons to come.

It’s been a quiet time for myself and my family in some ways. This numbingly cold winter with single digit temperatures, snowy days, and school and work delays have disturbed the rhythm we grew accustomed to in previous seasons. Lingering colds have survived amidst the recycled air of being indoors. We have been inside a lot, restricted in movement and interactions.

In other ways it’s been a very noisy time. Specifically because in the Town of Vienna where we live, there is a massive change happening. Fifty-year-old houses are being torn down to make way for modern marvels. Post WWII ramblers are now replaced with towering two-story houses, with two and three car garages.

But the noise is the worst neighbor.

Living yards from a home being constructed is a noisy, unpeaceful existence. Machines, trucks, banging, dropping, beeping for 12-13 hours daily six days a week has made my sweet deal of working from home something of a dire situation. Add to that having my now nine-month-old with me some of those days, trying to put him to nap amongst white noise machines and even in the bathroom with the exhaust fan on has made for a very unquiet, unnatural, disturbed life.

P1080634I finally mustered the thoughts and strength to attend a Vienna Town Council meeting this week to state my request that the Town Noise Ordinance be amended to allow for less continuous construction time. I’m heartened by the reception of the idea by some Council members – change may come sometime down the road as the Town embraces the reality of the changing home landscape. And the local Vienna and Oakton Connection newspaper covered my story.

Now is a good time to learn to mediate. And to think about my 2014 fitness goals, especially using this cool fitness almanac. Spring is not so far off, and the spirit will be renewed.

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