Healthy Eating Series Part 6: Three Tips for Eating Well

This is Part 6, the last installment, in my Healthy Eating Series – read all about it here.

DSC_0247I did it! I completed my first writing series on my blog! This is the last installment of a six-part series, on the topic of healthy eating.

Since my daughter was born over three years ago, I’ve been learning about how to maximize the health of my family and myself through healthy eating. Whether it’s through exercising at Life Time Fitness, reading Experience Life Magazine, or connecting with kindred spirits online and in person, I’ve changed how I eat. It’s served us well (pun intended), and so I wanted to share these lessons with you.

I hope you’ve gotten something out of all these posts. Because when you’re at home or in the grocery store, staring at too many or too few options, then are bombarded with news about rising childhood obesity, bad school lunch and limited physical education in schools, you need a little hope that you can do something healthy for your family. Ya know? And it needs to be kind of simple.

In that vein of simplicity, I’d like to share three guiding tips to keep in mind as you make choices about eating. You may find this is just enough guidance to make you feel good, and avoid paralysis when it comes time to munch.

  1. If you use a food frequently, invest in the best quality you can afford. For instance, if you eat strawberries every day, buy organic. If you use a lot of butter, buy grassfed.
  2. Steer away from foods that have more than five ingredients, or that you can’t pronounce. That’s what eating “whole” foods is about.
  3. Aim to buy most of your food from areas on the periphery of the grocery store – these are the freshest. Avoid all the packaged stuff in the middle aisles, or buy them sparingly and use as backup plans.

I hope you’ll share below some of your tips for eating well. We can all learn something from one another in this busy, complex, exciting world.

Note: The above information is offered as food for thought (pun intended), and I’ve compiled this information based on my learning gathered from places like and the Omega Institute. These are suggestions for healthy eating based on my personal experience. Readers should consult their own health care professionals and consider their own health situations when adopting changes to their eating and dietary lifestyles. In other words: I’m not responsible for anything bad that may happen to you as a result of you trying my suggestions! Be smart, live well.

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