Healthy Eating Series Part 1: Sharing the Journey

Do you find yourself somewhat paralyzed when food shopping? Organic. Locally-grown. Free-range. By now you’ve likely heard these buzz words, and you’re yearning for the good old days when we could buy salad greens and fruit with a clean conscience.

Fear not. Turns out many of us struggle with the choices we face as we race through the aisles, trying to cram food shopping among the never-ending list of chores. Even First Lady Michelle Obama has faced this, as I heard her say in person when I attended last month’s Partnership for a Healthier America Summit. (First time I ever heard a FLOTUS speak!).

But back in my local life, I was thrilled last week to meet up with women from my Vienna Moms group to hear insight, research, tips and support from healthy family champion Monique Nadeau, author of the Grow Your Family Strong blog. It’s a beautiful blog filled with detailed and practical tips for keeping your family healthy meal to meal. Check out her Glorious Green Soup recipe for starters. I’ve found a locally-based ally in creating a healthy life for my family, and I am grateful for her passion in sharing her knowledge.

Healthy eating starts with eating family meals together. Good stuff like fruit is a staple, but let's leave flexibility for some chocolate every now and then!

Healthy eating starts with eating family meals together. Good stuff like fruit is a staple, but let’s leave flexibility for some chocolate every now and then!

For me, being on a healthy living journey began as a new mom. It has led me to live an active lifestyle, attend a fitness retreat, rebrand my business to focus on helping kids have healthy learning experiences, and now to conversations with other moms about how our families can be healthy as a way of life.

I shared a few of my basic healthy eating tips last summer. Listening to my fellow moms last week, though, I remembered what it was like to be overwhelmed and think, “If I can’t give my kid cheese sticks, regular strawberries and cereal, what will I feed her?!” I realized that I could do more to quell the stress of feeding one’s family in the 21st century – a stress I’ve learned to largely overcome through reading about and trying new approaches to family cooking.

So, I’m launching a six-part healthy eating series to help you, dear readers, explore a healthy eating approach to feeding your family, centered on using whole foods and nutritional boosters that are simple to incorporate into your cuisine.

Stay tuned for more posts and please share your own tips! There is much to learn and share.

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