Crazy Fall Fun All Around Vienna

My calendar is becoming a bit angry with me. I keep adding excellent activities to it and it’s too full. Overlapping events that I will try to squeeze in and enjoy with my family.

Fall is just too chock full of festivals, fairs and lovely weather to stay home doing nothing. (Although I could probably do with a good dose of doing nothing).

Here are some of the most enticing events that are happening around Vienna:

Festivals, Celebrations and More

Each of these boasts a range of crafts, music, kids entertainment and food. How to choose?!

  • Vienna Choral Society concert. Saturday, October 27 – with a theme of “Swing! Music you can dance to!”

Farm Fun

  • Last year we went to Great Country Farms and loved it. This year, someone else referred us there and it wasn’t until we pulled up that we happily realized it was the same place! If you don’t have to worry about nap time, you could easily spend a full day here. There’s apple picking (where you arrive to the orchard via tractor pull), a variety of plentiful farm animals, a water sluice where you watch H2O go down multiple levels, a gigantic sandbox that is filled with corn kernels instead of corn (!!), a gigantic moon bounce jumpying thing (!!), playground equipment, maize maze, food and country store, and more. They’ve got several festivals happening throughout Fall.
  • Cox Farms. I will finally visit this farm, which is a staple Fall destination for many families in Vienna. I’ll accompany Ladybug and her little preschool classmates on a trip there in the coming weeks.

I know there are loads more – add your favorites below!

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