Bargain Hunting at a Consignment Sale

Do you like to bargain hunt? Then get thee to the Just Between Friends Consignment Sale  in nearby Haymarket the weekend of September 28-30.

I’ve been to a JBF sale before – it’s a well-run sale that’s locally owned in several locations. Turns out that our area has two sales! This is the first time I’m checking out the one in Haymarket, just a little ways down Route 66 from Vienna at the Haymarket Sportsplex. I am stoked.

There are thousands of items. Thousands! Clothes, shoes, toys, baby equipment, books, movies, puzzles and more for ages baby to teen.

The sale opens to the public on Saturday, September 29 from 9am-5pm. A half-price event happens on Sunday, September 30 from 9am-2pm. And special presales occurs on Friday evening, September 28 for pre-registered folks who are new or expecting parents, grandparents, teachers and military families. Be sure to log in or sign up as a new user to enter early on Friday at select times. Your confirmation email is your ticket in! See the sale’s website for more information on the shopping schedule. And, be sure to bring a copy of this free entry to pass to save just that much more cash.

Prepping for the sale is a good idea says this sale’s owner, Pamela Keller. Here are Pamela’s tips for maximizing your shopping experience:

  • Make a list. This is especially helpful for expecting moms looking for all of those nursery and infant items. (Agreed!)
  • Write down sizes for your children and take inventory of their needs for the season before you shop.
  • Buy for the entire season. Just because kids aren’t wearing heavy coats now, they’ll need them soon enough. (Agreed!)
  • Think about holiday and gift ideas. This is a great time to start shopping for the holidays or upcoming new baby arrivals. This sale always has great deals on NEW toys still in the packaging. Start saving now! It is also a great place to find Halloween costumes that you’ll need in just a few weeks.
  • Check out the books. Books are so expensive and the sale has a great, high quality selection.

My last consignment sale haul – the biggest yet!

Pam should know what works. She says she’s always been a budget shopper who, while buying many things for her children, has a hard time paying full price. Her interest in getting a lot of value for a little moolah stemmed from her personal experience: “A few years ago, I visited a local consignment shop and couldn’t believe the great deals on clothes that looked brand new! I started researching the possibility of opening my own shop when I discovered Just Between Friends. I loved that they were across the nation and had a fabulous support system in place. Being an event organizer allows me to still work full time.”

She also knows that consignment sales help families who only shop consignment to meet their children’s needs – it’s an opportunity to help moms like herself in the area who could benefit to save a few bucks these days. And, her sale works with local charities to really support those in need of help.

Bug on a budget rocking horse. Giddy-up!

So head on out to the sale in Haymarket. Let me know what bargains you find! Part of the fun is sharing the scoop on the deals you get!

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