Healthy Living Wins Me Health – and a Contest

I’ve proudly documented on this blog my journey to a healthy body and lifestyle over the last two years. From writing about joining my gym, Life Time Fitness, in November 2010, to embracing the revolutionary act of healthy living in January 2011, to completing an indoor triathlon in March 2011, to attending a Feel Good Fitness retreat in June 2012, it’s been a challenging, fulfilling journey.

I’m thrilled to share that my writing has won a national contest about healthy living!

I entered the Life Time Fitness My Story Essay Contest, submitting the piece, “How My World Was Changed By Me – The Mom“. I wrote about how, like millions of women (billions, really), I’m just another woman who had a child. And I worked hard to get my body and health back once I was a mom – and went even further to get into better shape than I was pre-baby.

My essay is one of five winners out of over 200 submissions to the Life Time contest. My writing is being featured nationally on the Life Time Fitness blog, as well as in their newsletter to their 105 centers. Life Time also included a “follow up” on me since the May contest submissions.

This recognition means so much to me. Not only because I worked hard to be in the condition I am in, but because I  think my story is one that others – mothers especially, but also fathers – can learn from when on their own journey to health. It’s possible as parents to make difficult decisions and commit to your own health. The results can be amazing. I’ve never felt better – gone are chronic aches and pains, and I have so much energy.

If you really want to see the data on how exercise can help you, check out the book, Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain. The facts on how exercise keeps your brain healthy are incredible motivators. One line particularly stuck with me as inspiring and scary: “Learning and memory evolved in concert with the motor functions that allowed our ancestors to track down food, so as far as our brains are concerned, if we’re not moving, there’s no real need to learn anything.” Um, time to move!

It’s never to early to start being active! Exercising together is the best!

I hope you’ll read my full contest-winning post on the Life Time website. And please share here any motivation you have about your own health journey!

It takes a community of support – like a super supportive partner, like my Drew! – to be healthy every day. Onward!

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