The Summer Life in Vienna: A Photo Essay

It’s been a full summer here in our household. We are in fully potty training phase now,  joined a pool for August and are switching our Ladybug’s child care starting in September. Lots to plan for, but also lots to enjoy, too.

I continue to try to be present and mindful of this stage of our lives. It’s easy to go from errand to errand, day to day and not stop to do things like make pizza, run in a fountain or eat a big piece of watermelon. Let us not let life pass us by.

Ladybug is starting to talk in real sentences now, like telling us she has to use the potty and asking for a spoon for breakfast. Yesterday we were at our fabulous pool, part of Life Time Fitness in Loudon County near Dulles Airport, and a tremendous plane flew overhead very low. She said, “Holly moly that’s a big plane!” I cracked up.

Ladybug is also learning good manners – she waits for us to sit down before she starts eating. She is all around quite a sweet little girl who’s company I often enjoy.

Drew and I had a brief evening date last week to our fair nation’s capital. Sunset on the National Mall is nothing to sneeze at. We walked around the Lincoln Memorial, warmly lit with hues of pink and peach as the sun set over Rosslyn. Then we had an excellent ice cream sundae at Cone E Island ice cream near George Washington University. Ice cream and a disco-ball decorated seating area. I could ask for no more.  

Enjoy your summer daze while you can.







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