Everyday Running Shoes

This has to be the longest time I’ve gone without a blog post in the two years I’ve blogged. Life has been going by faster than a two-year-old in New Balance running shoes.

Work has been going full steam ahead with a new project I landed helping a local school district systemically approach kindergarten readiness strategies. I’m really proud to be working on this effort. And, I was featured by the DC Young Entrepreneurs for my independent consulting work. Kudos to me! (Do note the part that says it’s not always easy.)

Motherhood continues to carve its way each day into my life. Even over two years in, I still feel like I’m setting the new path. I’m trying to pick up Bug from child care early enough to enjoy the afternoon together or with friends. Last week we had an idyllic afternoon on the Vienna Town Green where just we two laid on a blanket and looked up at the blue sky. Just me and my two-year-old, curly-haired wonder. She told me, as she regularly does, to “sleep Mama” on the blanket, where after she happily patted me on the back. This was the moment, yes? The moment that moms envision when we make the choice to juggle or even sacrifice work for motherhood.

And future motherhood continues to be the topic du jour. As two of my close friends in Vienna had their second children this week, I think more and more about if, and most likely when, we will add a second kiddo to our clan. The heart says yes but the head says, “Are you freaking crazy? How could you possibly split yourself up even more to care for another person?” There are more related thoughts here – too many to blog about. TBD.

I’ve also been trying to determine how to stay connected with people, yet slightly removed from the technology that consumes us all, changing how we interact with people. I am intrigued by Sherry Turkle’s TedTalk on the subject and encourage you to load it onto whatever device you have handy and spend 20 minutes listening to her streamlined, soul wrenching account of how we are indeed together, alone. I’ve convinced several people to listen and it has sparked honest discussions.

I wonder what my reflections of my life will be later, when I think to this time of busyness. A time when technology rules the day, parenthood controls the schedule, and real connections are harder than ever to come by. I’m trying to remember that I’m my own kind of Mama, trying to piece this all together in the brave new, busy world.

Anyone else out there with me?

2 thoughts on “Everyday Running Shoes

    • Thanks, Lex. You will be a great mom for sure. I’m glad I can offer some lessons – but of course, every parent’s journey has uncertainty – that’s still something I struggle with, not being able to predict the future!!


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