Vienna Spring Update: Happenings Around Town

Nothing says spring like trees and flowers blooming in Vienna and our surrounding area. Change is in the air. As such, I want to share this list of changes and updates happening in Vienna and nearby.

Places I’d like to see have pizza cook-offs. Not one, but two new pizza places have arrived in Vienna. One is Extreme Pizza,  offering you the option of making your own gourmet pizza. Then there’s Donato’s on the edge of town, which just opened. And Donato’s delivers pizza in Vienna!

TV station I’d watch if I had time to watch TV. Vienna now has its own TV station! The Town of Vienna officially launched its new cable channel, Town of Vienna Community Network (TVCN), on Cox 27 and Verizon FIOS 38 in January. The channel has bulletin information relating to Town activities, events, upcoming meetings and policies. Town Council meetings and other programming will be added. Maybe they’ll have Wayne’s World.

Place I can’t wait to eat at: It seems that Bazin’s new Mexican tapas place is scheduled to open by the end of March. Ole!

My new favorite indoor play place. Just in time for the nice weather, I have discovered (with help from a long lost friend from high school living nearby) a great indoor play place. Play N’Learn in Chantilly (off Route 50 just past Route 28) is an indoor showroom for beautiful playground equipment, big trampolines, air hockey tables and basketball hoops. Every Monday and Thursday they offer free open play from 10am to 1pm. I took Bug and she jumped for 25 minutes straight on the enclosed trampoline. The owner is thinking about extending hours to more days a week, and they also have a store in Columbia, MD.

My new favorite kid’s consignment store. Nearby to Play N’Learn is Little Lords and Ladies. I have mentioned them before based on recommendations, but only recently went in. Wow! What a fantastic place. Clothing is organized by gender, size and color, with gear in a separate room. A great selection of name brands in nice condition at really good prices. They also offer new, hand made items like clothing and hair bows, and have regular story time events and preferred shopper discount days.

Place I’m sad to see leave Vienna. Stalcup Hardware closed its doors a few weeks back. This local mom-and-pop store was unique in town. I bought many bags of birdseed there. But apparently birdseed purchases aren’t enough to pay the rent. Now neighboring Petco and Walgreens have even more parking they can hoard.

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