Food Finds in Vienna: Year End Edition 2011

Making chili

The holidays is a time focused on food, don’t you think? Big meals, fancy desserts. I feel I’m hungry all the time.

Last week I stopped munching on my daughter’s Goldfish crackers long enough to create a plan for New Years Eve dinner. I set my expectations low – we would not be staying up until midnight, and Drew and I would not be reinventing the amazing New Years Eve meal we had five years ago at a fancy Las Vegas hotel (a tower of seafood – delectable).

This year, we are having an “Italian New Years Eve”. It will be 6pm here in Vienna when midnight strikes in Italy. A perfect time to countdown for the under 24-months crowd. As such, we’ll have a playdate starting in the afternoon with friends, followed by gourmet pizza and pasta as we stream fireworks online from Milan.

In the vein of Italian food, I should mention that I finally made it to Ristorante Bonaroti at the edge of town on Maple Avenue. The Vienna Moms hosted its monthly Night Out event here last month. The food was super good – crispy seafood, tasty marinara. The decor makes it seem old school, but I think it’s worth checking out. I have yet to visit Marco Polo on the other side of Maple Avenue. Has anyone been who can offer me suggestions? I think I’ve heard that they have a big Sunday brunch.

While we’re on the subject of food, I should mention a few other notes about places to eat around town.

  • Sweet City Desserts. Yes, another dessert place is now open, but this one has cool seating and space for your toddler to run around. Like other dessert venues in town, it seems to offer a mix of everything – coffee, gelato, cakes, cupcakes. I hope they can compete while offering more of the same, because I really like the atmosphere. The mousse “shooter” I had was something different.
  • Extreme Pizza. Opening across from Panera on Maple Avenue, this franchise seems to offer complex toppings and possibly delivery service.
  • Rumor of a Tapas place opening by Bazin’s. I’ve heard a few times that Bazin’s will open a Tapas place. I’m holding out hope that Tapas will come to Church Street, but in a less pricey menu than that currently offered by Bazin’s.

Making guacamole

And a shout-out to Plaka Grill and Anita’s New-Mexico Style Mexican Restaurant for having one of the Washington Post’s 40 dishes that every Washingtonian must try. I have got to try those breakfast burritos! Nearby Lost Dog Cafe in McLean was also mentioned.

Happy New Year! Happy 2012! May we find happiness and peace in the new year within ourselves, our families and our communities.

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