Top 10 Things to Think About

It’s the end of the year, and you know how people love a good top 10 list. I’m not immune. In fact, it gives me an out for why I haven’t posted on my blog for two weeks – I’ve had too many odds and ends ideas floating around in my head to pull together into a coherent, connected post. So a top 10 list of things I’m thinking about – that you could likely be thinking about, too – seems appropriate.

Maybe it’s not the most merry and bright list, but it is honest. And I often find that lists help me work through challenges and issues. So maybe this, too, will help you put into words some of the items living rent free in your mind. Here goes.

Top 10 Things to Think About

10. On being a working parent: Feeling guilty about putting my daughter in daycare too much and missing her, but being so happy to have my own time to get things done.

9. On being lazy: Wanting to eat whatever I want and sit still, but knowing that every day is a chance to reinforce healthy habits.

8. On being a capitalist: Not wanting to buy more stuff, yet yearning for things like infant tutus and a $700 iPhone.

7. On being a voting citizen: Wondering how Congress and the President will get policies passed that will help Americans.

6. On napping: Understanding how my daughter can nap for up to 3.5 hours at daycare, yet nap 0 hours three days in a row when at home.

5. On community: Trying to connect with real, live friends and family in some format other than one involving a keyboard and fiber optic cables.

4. On giving: Making donations to people clearly in need while feeling like the economy is going to eat my piggy bank and I can’t spare a dime.

3. On playing: Figuring out how to play with my daughter without multitasking  cleaning the house, washing the laundry and cooking food.

2. On friendship: Scheduling to see friends who each have different circles of friends with competing social calendars.

1. On being thankful: Realizing that despite the many challenges ahead, I am blessed, fortunate and lucky to have my station in life.


One thought on “Top 10 Things to Think About

  1. Still loving your blog! As a parent, I feel the same way you do, its refreshing to read…now I think ill go make banana pancakes this morning since I can’t drink a dirty banana…
    Have a great day!
    Erica Manz


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