New Vienna Favorites for Fashion, Food and Fitness

Happy Halloween!

I’ve had a good time recently exploring some new places around Vienna. While I have tried and true places around town, it’s nice to have some new options for necessities and fun. Here are new happenings around Vienna that I hope you’ll explore:

  • Fashion. Wardrobe Rescue. The old My Eye Doctor office has been transformed into a hip, well-stocked women’s upscale consignment store at the corner of Nutley and Maple. It is nestled in the new “dessert” corner of town (Molly’s Yogurt, Cafe Nemooneh, Italian Gourmet, Pie Gourmet, Cupcakes!) and the owner is thrilled to be in Vienna. When I visited during the store’s second week in business, the place was bustling and full of finds. I bought a few things and even more exciting, I left many items there to consign. It’s worth checking out!  I think the store is a welcome change from the drug stores and mattress stores that have been dotting Maple Avenue (and what’s up with Petco opening right across the street from local business, Pro Feed? Really?)
  • Another new fashion place is Tammy’s Fashions. The store is a combo clothing and accessories store, and tailor. I’ve been using this tailor for a few months and when I brought pants in this week for hemming, Tammy’s was having a grand opening. Fun! The tailor is very good and cares about her work. Check out the fashions if you want a little more flare to your wardrobe. Located on the corner of Maple Avenue and Pleasant Street, upstairs (302 Maple).
  • Food. If you want to escape to the Mediterranean but skip the flight, I suggest visiting Nostos. At the edge of Vienna near Tysons, it’s a busy lunch spot for the business crowd weekdays, but also a meeting place for dinner and drinks after work and on weekends. The Greek food is delicious – rich and plentiful. But the thing I like most is the decor: the white, flowing walls feature curves at every corner, making the whole place feel uncomplicated and allowing for a focus on your food and company.
  • Fitness. My hubby has worked on the Town Council’s Transportation Safety Commission to help get Vienna’s first bike lanes instituted, on Courthouse Road. The measure passed in April, and now you can find lanes painted and signs posted. Get on your bike in Vienna! Yay hubby!

4 thoughts on “New Vienna Favorites for Fashion, Food and Fitness

  1. Hi there! We recently moved from the District and are adjusting to life in (wonderful) Vienna. My husband stumbled on your blog and forwarded the link to me. I’m a new reader, but from what I’ve gleaned, this is a FANTASTIC resource. Your consignment recommendations will be especially helpful, as we’re starting to get into them with our baby, who’s 11 months old. Thanks so much for sharing your Vienna finds and experiences! Great read!


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