101st Post: Life Is Good

This is my 101st post! Yes, usually people benchmark nice, round numbers like 100. But I looked too quickly at the data on my blog site and thought this post – right here – was number 100. It’s really just a metaphor for life with a kid: you have to take things as they come, no matter what you may have expected or intended.

With nearly a year and a half of blogging under my belt to match my daughter’s now year and a half of life, I think that lesson – about going with the flow – is one that I have found most difficult to accept. I’m a planner. I like to organize. Having a child means that you can arrange things to some extent – how prepared your diaper bag is, how many books are in the car for a long ride, what assortment of foods are in the fridge for the baby buffet that is each night’s dinner.

Yet there is always an element of surprise. Of “what can you do on the spur of the moment”. It’s a contstant test.

Lately I’ve been feeling like I’m not up to the challenge. There is so much coming at all of us these days: smart phones that really make us stupid and less connected to real people, traffic fatigue in Fairfax county, constant media coverage about our bad economy and worse political leaders.

Last week Drew, Bug and I took refuge in New England. We like to visit the area in the Fall to see family friends and changing leaves. We spent a few days in Boston. I had a magical day with Bug at the Boston Children’s Museum, including a lunch on the water just the two of us, enjoying sunshine and birds overhead.

We chose last week because of a festival hosted by the Life Is Good apparel company. This annual all-day, all-weekend festival and fundraiser for kids needing healthy play time features nonstop music, freebies of all sorts, sporting activities, games, delicious food and an air that says, “Hey. Chill out. You are with people you love. You’re alive. Life Is Good”. My trio had a glorious full day outside, peppered with smiles from strangers who marveled at how fast our little girl could run from one end of the field to the other. No nap could hold her back, as she scrambled for dogs, goldfish crackers and free yogurt samples.

Then we went to our family friend’s farm in Maine. This is truly a retreat. I’ve known this family for over 20 years. Now the kids I grew up with have seven kids of their own. Our Bug fit right in, chasing them around, dressing up and picking apples from trees.

This week we endured the loss of a close family friend. He was at our wedding just four years ago this Friday. He accomplished much in his life and its sad to see someone who is loved depart. I think it offers me a sad reinforcement to how precious life is.

I easily get lost in the minutiae of things like laundry and missing toys that don’t matter in the grand scheme of things. I have my husband of four years. The most vivacious, happy little girl in the world lives with me. There is no doubt that Life Is Good.

5 thoughts on “101st Post: Life Is Good

  1. I just learned about another festival in the Boston area, called Honk!. It happened the same time we were in Boston, and I’m disappointed we missed it. It’s a “festival of activist streetbands” that promotes playing music, using the streets as a place for people to converge and connect, and creating community. Next year!!


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