Magic Moments and Summer Fun Around Vienna

Many parents have told me that the time between 18 and 24 months is when your toddler really starts to turn into a kid. She starts talking in real phrases, loses that baby look and does other things I’m yet to discover. Now more than ever, knowing that this change is on the horizon, it is making me look at this time in my – and my daughter’s – life as a really special time.

Like, I can see why people stop to marvel at Bug when she’s so cute and silly. Today she stepped into my Crocs and waived bye-bye as if she were going on an all-expense paid trip around the world. She helps me “clean the floor” with a broom and washcloth. She can locate about 20 of her body parts on command.

It’s a precious time. Fleeting. Once in a lifetime. How special that I get to be a witness and contributing party to the unfolding of her young life.

Some of my contentment and wonder in the last week has had a lot to do with having major accomplishments on my work front. I signed contracts for significant and long term consulting work with two awesome education reform organizations. I’ll share more details as the work unfolds. I feel that after two years of stitching work together, I have projects with real longevity.

I’ve also had jam-packed weeks of work, fun and other activities. If you’re thinking about ways to fill the end of summer, check out some of these places I’ve recently discovered, or cemented as tried-and-true favorites around Vienna:

  • Del Ray Neighborhood in Alexandria. I’ve wanted for a while to stroll around this neighborhood, where signs boasts that “Main Street still exists.” Particularly, I wanted to visit the Purple Goose, after seeing a tutu a friend bought there for her baby. These are the creme-de-la-creme of tutus. I want to bring Bug back and size her up for not only a tutu, but super cute shoes, too. Purple Goose has been open for 20 years, featuring unique kids clothes as well as a consignment section (you can bring your stuff to consign any Saturday, 12-6pm). The manager offered me a special discount for So Very Vienna readers: a $5 off of $20 coupon! Just print this post and bring it with you, anytime before December 26, 2011. While you’re in the area, also check out Cheesetique for scrumptious and generous cheese boards, grilled cheese and salads with outdoor seating, too. And wine! I wish there was a Cheesetique in Vienna! I didn’t get to Dairy Godmother for ice cream, but with a name like that, it must be visited. Next time.
  • Childtime Magic Party Place. I finally visited this somewhat new kids play and party place, right near the Caboose on Dominion Road, when Vienna Moms hosted a playdate there. Turns out my often-independent Bug didn’t like being on her own in the moonbounce. But Louis the Magician put on a super cute show for the kids, and I do think it would be a fun place for a kids birthday. Maybe in a few years.
  • Our Special Harbor Sprayground. Also finally, we had a long afternoon visit at this new sprayground. Bug was in her glory, that kiddo. This is a great place for kids of any age, because they can sit on the ground and splash in puddles and drizzles, or run around the spigots with delight. If you plan around traffic, it’s really not that far of a drive. Even mom and dad ran through the spray with little Bug, all laughing with joy.
  • Four Sisters Vietnamese Restaurant. Drew and I had a quick dinner here before heading to see Wicked at the Kennedy Center. I had heard this new restaurant had great food and welcomed kids. I haven’t brought Bug yet, but the food was delish. The place is also beautiful – really calm. The prices are super reasonable. I can’t wait to return. Afterwards, we went next door to Pastry Xpo and somehow managed to each down a gourmet cupcake before heading into the city.

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