Waiting for That Day, and Summer Memories in the Meantime

Bug is on the brink of really talking – of just opening up a torrent of little words in a small girly voice that will bestow upon us long-awaited insight into what she is thinking and wants each day. She’s moved on from only one-syllable words like “dog”, “no” and “bye”. Yesterday she said, “noodle”, when looking at the said pool toy. Bug has even said a complex sentence – “no more” – although she uses that one a bit too much for our liking at times.

But Bug is not actually talking yet. And that raises a good point: we can spend our time waiting for that day – be it the day she talks, wakes up later, goes to the bathroom herself or walks to the car without detours – or, we can realize that this day is fleeting. It’s one-of-a-kind. Tomorrow, yes, she will be doing more things that a little kid will do. But for today, she’s still a toddler, learning about her world and still not so far from being a newborn.

We’ve had a really fun few days. We continue to try and keep the focus on enjoyment, and not get so bogged down by the fact that having a toddler is hard work. We try to push from our minds that it’s really just me and Drew holding down the fort – though thank goodness for Bug’s wonderful childcare providers, occasional visits from grandmas and monthly babysitting swaps with neighbors.

This weekend we went to Mosby Woods Pool in Fairfax City. They have a coupon for a free family visit. We love free water play. They had a nice-sized, no frills kids pool and a Little Tikes play house off to the side. When it started to rain, we stuck it out and let Bug run in the raindrops. It was delightful.

Today we went to the new sprayground in Franconia, accompanied by Bug’s “Aunt” Megan and her friend. We enjoyed 10 minutes of fun before it closed due to a storm. Bummer about not being able to explore the sprayground, but we had a heck of a time seeking shelter on the covered playground nearby as the rain poured in from all sides. It was, again, delightful. Earlier in the day we took a family bike ride on the W & OD Trail with Bug tagging along in her kid bike trailer. Also, this week we visited the National Harbor just over the Maryland state line. That is a great place to let the kiddo roam and see planes, boats, birds and people. When the National Children’s Museum opens there in 2013, it will surely be bustling.

We’ve also greatly enjoyed Bug’s antics, which include trying to bite her own knee while in her carseat and spinning in circles when there’s music on. If that’s any indication of the future, I think every day with our little Bug is going to be a blast.

5 thoughts on “Waiting for That Day, and Summer Memories in the Meantime

  1. A friend emailed me this comment and I just had to post for memory’s sake:
    “You seriously need to find her some kind of dramatic outlet – model or spokes-baby or something. She has the funniest expressions ever.”


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