Summer Update from So Very Vienna

Hello long-lost readers! I hope you haven’t been missing So Very Vienna too much! While I try and get a post out at least weekly, the last few weeks have been choc full o’ life, so my blogging has taken an unexpected summer vacation.

In the meantime, my blog got a mention in the Washington Post! I was included in a roster of Fun Stuff to do in NoVA. Not too shabby, huh?! And, some really exciting opportunities have come my way for work, so I’ve been busy working on education reform in an array of areas.

But fear not, there are new posts coming your way soon. I have one about summer fun at Wolf Trap, and another about a local business owner in Vienna who has done so well she’s moved to a larger space in town. And, more musings about parenting – from the emergency room to Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Hope that has piqued your interest enough to bear with me as I prepare the next post!




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