A Vienna Road Trip: Destination, Virginia Beach

The hubby, baby and I went on a much-needed family vacation at the end of May. We hopped into the car for a roadtrip after a mere hour of last-minute packing and headed down to Virginia Beach. We chose the location because I had family there I hadn’t seen in 20 years, and we miss the beach.

As a Long Island girl, I grew up a mile from the Great South Bay where we’d take a 30-minute boat ride across the bay to Fire Island. Other times, we’d drive to Jones Beach or the Hamptons – the ocean was never more than 30 minutes away. Our journey to Virginia Beach only took four hours, which included a half hour baby stop for Bug to run around and stretch her legs.

We stayed at a Hampton Inn right on the ocean – in fact, every room had an ocean view. In our large junior suite, we tucked Bug in a pack-and-play around the corner from the main room which had not one but two balconies with a 180 degree view of the ocean. On the first night, Drew and I watched an amazing lightning storm. I also bopped around to the music of karaoke (the good and the bad) from a bar below. The second night we played dominoes as the sun set.

Our days were filled with activities that kept us all active and busy, but out of the killer heat. The hotel had a great indoor pool where we introduced Bug to a floating turtle tube – a big hit. We took a surrey bike ride along the boardwalk, went to the fabulous Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center just minutes from the beach, and enjoyed seafood dinners outside next to the ocean.

A friend and I were talking about “reclaiming our lives” after baby when it comes to traveling. Hubby and I used to travel a ton before we were parents, and now we are overwhelmed at the thought of getting everything together to get out and go. The truth is, Bug is a good traveler. It’s just a non-stop activity to keep her entertained and all of us fed and happy. Not a bad time, but a busy one. After this trip, I see that this is my new reality and it’s actually quite alright.

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