A Year of Blogging and Vienna Life – Survey Results and Best of the Year

Happy one year anniversary to So Very Vienna!

I began my blog last Memorial Day with the intention of just seeing where it took me. I wanted to share my thoughts, write and engage with others on some topic. It took me a while to decide what to blog about and a friend of mine said, “Just put a stake in the ground and start blogging”. I picked living in Vienna because it’s something I knew first hand, and could learn about further. So that’s how I started.

A year later, I’ve had 84 posts and nearly 10,000 page views, and countless comments and e-mails from readers offering information and encouragement. I’ve also made lots of friends and partners around town as I grew more knowledgeable about Vienna, helping to connect and network people and peoples in town. Following are my highlights from a year of life in Vienna

Best of Vienna Survey Results

The survey results are in from my partnership with Vienna Patch on the Best of Vienna survey! Thanks for the nearly 600 responses! We finished the survey while at Viva! Vienna! where Vienna Patch welcomed me to sit at their booth and talk about my blog. Here are the survey results:

Four Lessons I’ve Learned about Parenthood and Life

After a year of blogging not only about life in Vienna but also as a new parent, I also want to share my own personal highlights from the year:

  • No decision is final – I can always change what I’m doing
  • Enjoy the magic of an ordinary day
  • I am sacrificing a little now so my daughter can do great things in this world
  • Mom is home

So what’s ahead for So Very Vienna? Be on the look out for future posts about the Vienna Police Department, the housing landscape in Vienna, and Wolf Trap offerings, among others. I hope you’ll share your comments at the end of any post or page on my blog, and help me continue to make this a fun pursuit in my life that shares the joys and adventures of living in our community with people you love.

7 thoughts on “A Year of Blogging and Vienna Life – Survey Results and Best of the Year

  1. I received this awesome comment via email about why one reader subscribed to my blog, and want to share it here. Thank you to my readers!!

    I was reading the “Vienna Patch” online and saw a link to your blog there in a comment to an article. I’m very glad I came across it! I had my first child in January and left my job when my maternity leave was over. I’m readjusting to my new way of life and I have to say that I’ve enjoyed and learned more about Vienna in the last 4 months than in the 7 years I’ve lived here! Your blog is a great view from the perspective of a mom with a young baby/child.


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