Get Organized: Kids Activity Sites, Donating Stuff and More Vienna Biz Updates

Hello! First, three orders of business. One, I am super proud to share that So Very Vienna is now on Our Kids – a one-stop shop for family fun in the DC Metro area. Run by a local mom, here you’ll find listings for everything from local nature centers, playgrounds and indoor play areas to museums, parent groups and more. My blog is included in a listing of other local blogs that provide info about raising a child in the DC metro area! And, So Very Vienna readers can get a discount on annual membership, which gets you a jam-packed weekly newsletter listing all of the best events happening in town, access to a comprehensive database of over 700 events per week (that you can sort by date, city, state, age and price), plus presale codes, movie tickets and DVD giveaways. Membership is $26/year, but use the code SVV to get $2.00 off.

Two, if you were too busy watching the Royal Wedding yesterday, I just wanted to remind you that my weekly Grab and Go Kids Planner goes live every Friday in the Vienna Patch.

Three, tickets to Wolf Trap’s Children’s Theater-in-the-Woods go on sale today (April 30). Apparently tickets go fast. I’ll have more on kids’ arts entertainment in an upcoming post – stay tuned (pun intended).

Also, more updates on new and old businesses in Town (for full list see my post on businesses coming and going). Robek’s is coming to Vienna! Right next to the soon-to-be-open Panera in the Magruder’s shopping center. And next to that, the Motophoto from across the street is moving in, and will be replaced there by a pizza place. Also, Nizam’s Restaurant is out of business.

Now on with this post:

I have been on a crusade to eliminate clutter and unused items from my house for the last month. I’ve gotten rid of four garbage bags of my clothes and shoes, an outdoor smoker for meats, doormats, tools and more. Why? Because I want to make room for new things in my life – new energy, new experiences … and eventually, new stuff.

Does your house look like this ... all the time?

I’ve realized what replaces the stuff I donated is Ladybug’s ever-growing stock of toys and clothes. I try not to purchase too much – shopping at consignment sales or just doing without. Sometimes I wonder if it’s to the point where I’m missing out on giving cute little things to my daughter. But then I see that she’s happy banging the empty Tropicana container on the kitchen floor, and remember that she’s not deprived in any way.

There are lots of places around town that were interested in my wares. I wanted to be sure that my clothes went to women in need. So I donated them to Women Giving Back, which allows homeless women to come to their facility and shop free of charge for donated items. They’re located in Sterling. I also gave tons away on Freecyle, which is like Craig’s List, but free! You post onto a list serv that something’s available, and people in our community (sometimes lots) respond that they’d like to have it. Once you’ve given something away, you can ask for something. Like I asked for dog toys when we fostered a dog two years ago – and Freecycle came through! It’s all about reducing and reusing without having to travel outside the neighborhood to get things.

We donated a bike to Purple Heart, but then Drew went to Vienna’s Green Expo (he biked there – what a good example he is) and learned about Bikes for the World. They’ll take your bike (and also sewing machines) and transport them abroad to people who can really use them in life. An Earth Day plug here: Drew also got a cool fan (pun intended) from Dominion Power because we are signed up for Dominion’s renewable energy program. You can, too! Then I dropped off books at The Freeman House for its used book sale on June 11 and 12. Lastly, I also have some new food I wanted to donate, and it seems the best place is at the Vienna Presbyterian Church on Maple. There is the Committee for Helping Others (CHO), but no one is ever there to either take my food donation or answer the phone. I’ve given up on them.

I am a little tired. But less cluttered!


3 thoughts on “Get Organized: Kids Activity Sites, Donating Stuff and More Vienna Biz Updates

  1. Great suggestions for decluttering! I think I know what to do with my old bike now. I wanted to let you know that the food collection box outside the offices at Vienna Presbyterian Church goes directly to CHO. Volunteers pick it up at the church and deliver it to the food pantry b/c the church is open more regular hours than the food pantry. CHO is a great organizatin that has served Vienna/Oakton for over 30 years.


  2. You know, sometimes there is a box out for CHO at Vienna Presbyterian, and sometimes there isn’t. I do want to support CHO, but it seems like it’s not easy to donate, from my three to four attempts. Thanks for the info, though. Glad you found a new home for your old bike.


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