Vegetarian in Vienna

(This one’s for you, Hamish).

As a recovering vegetarian, I still like a good tofu dish. Or a meal laden with lentils, legumes and lettuce. There’s nothing wrong with being meat-free: I just realized that after being vegetarian for the better part of three years in my mid-20s that I missed meat. Now when I’m a carnivore, I try to only eat free-range, humanely treated animals.

Though I suppose I shouldn’t be talking about eating meat on this post about vegetarian eating, right? So, by request, I’ve put together here a list of places to have animal-free fare. There seem to be only two outright vegetarian places in town, but some other joints have a good selection of vegetarian fare:

Vegetarian Restaurants

  • Amma Vegetarian Kitchen. Also a past mention in my blog, Amma’s is a simple Indian take out place. Use your hands to dig into the dosas filled with curried potatoes, while slurpping down a mango lasi.
  • Sunflower Vegetarian Restaurant. I’ve written about Sunflower before, as I think it’s a real find not only for vegetarians in Vienna, but any vegetarians in nearby communities. Good lunch deal, quick service and the place is decorated top to bottom with sunflower paraphernalia. It’s a happy place.

Non-Veg Places with a Good Selection of Veg Food

  • Santini’s New York Style Deli. OK, so there are going to be a fair amount of Italian subs with meat here at the shop in Oakton. But the veggie calzones are the best I’ve had south of Staten Island. Remember, I’m a New Yorker, so I mean it.
  • Sushi Yoshi. I once went here when I was preggo and had the most gorgeous plate of veggie sushi I’d ever seen. It was Drew’s Blackberry screen saver for months. And, there’s outdoor seating right on Church Street.
  • Tigris Middle Eastern Grill. You might miss this place located on the side of a shopping center in Oakton. But their platters are generous in size and varied in contents. Vegetarians can enjoy the falafel with a host of sides like big pieces of bread, rice, hummus and green beans. It’s a tiny place, so don’t bring a party with you.

5 thoughts on “Vegetarian in Vienna

  1. I have one more addition for you; Thai food!!! We have several in Vienna and our favorite, Cee’s.
    Even a non-veg should enjoy all the restaurants you list above.
    Great post.


  2. Mmm, dribble, dribble (cue noises like Homer Simpson having seen the donut of his dreams).

    As the aforementioned Hamish, many thanks and I promise to check them all out. One place not mentioned, which isn’t quite in Vienna and also isn’t a veggie restaurant but surprised us with its options, is the Silver Diner. They also have a local sourcing policy and who’d have thought that an old fashioned diner would do veggie burgers?


    • So glad you liked the post, my friend! Hey – we actually went to Silver Diner together!! I agree about the local sourcing policy – that is quite cool.

      Let me know what you think of the new places you try out from my list above! Thanks for reading the blog, Annie’s Dad.


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