Food & Air: Outdoor Restaurants in Vienna

I think it’s safe to say that we can enjoy a meal outside – it really is spring, now (right?). At home, we would love to cover our back deck and escape the wrath of the mosquitos and bugs that consider us their personal buffet. But we’re still working on that.

In the meantime, we eagerly seek out places around town where we can eat outside, especially now that the trees are starting to color up and flowers are blooming. The thing is, Vienna is pretty limited when it comes to dining al fresco in a scenic atmosphere. I’ve tried my best to compile a list of outdoor eateries, but (note to business developers) we need more outdoor eating locations and (note to Town Council Members) Town codes that allow for more restaurants to have outdoor seating. In the meantime, here’s what I’ve got:

  • Baja Fresh. Next to the Safeway in the Pan Am shopping center (technically in Fairfax), you can have your Mexican food outside here.
  • Caffe Amouri. The community coffee shop has a few stools outside to sip your java or tea on Church Street.
  • California Tortilla. In Oakton, you can enjoy your burrito with copious amounts of hot sauce at the few tables outside.
  • Cenan’s Bakery. Order your sandwich and sit at the two or three tables outside the shopping center on Branch Road.
  • Chef Geoff’s. In Tysons on Leesburg Pike, they have a lovely outdoor patio. I’d say this is the nicest you can get around here, in terms of being away from cars.
  • Chipotle, Noodles & Company and Coldstone. These three on Maple Avenue seem to be a staple for workers at lunch time and high school students after school. The outdoor seating here is a little removed from the parking lot, but still overlooks it.
  • On the Border. Also in Tysons on Leesburg Pike, enjoy your chips and salsa outside here. I believe there’s a Chili’s next door that also has outdoor tables.
  • Skorpio and Maggio’s Grill. Reasonably-priced and good-tasting Greek food at the edge of town on the way to Tysons.
  • Sushi Yoshi. On the corner of Church Street and Center Street, you can sit on the cute brick patio enclosed by a wall from the oncoming traffic.
  • Tequila Grande. On the corner of Nutley Street and Maple Avenue, I can’t say I’ve heard great things about the food here at this Mexican restaurant. But they do have a decent-sized patio.
  • Whole Foods. Take your pre-made lunch or salad bar items to the few tables outside, next to the parking lot. Better yet, go across the street to the Town Green and have a picnic there.

With the exception of Sushi Yoshi or Chef Geoff’s, you’re really sitting right next to a parking lot in the places above, so depending on how busy that parking lot is, it will be more or less scenic.

Breath in, breath out.


4 thoughts on “Food & Air: Outdoor Restaurants in Vienna

  1. There’s a Baja Fresh around here? I remember when I was at school in LA that Baja Fresh in Westwood was THE fast food joint to go to and was a bit of a Californian secret. Part of me is glad they’ve made it over to this coast, part of me is sad that it’s no longer a thing that just West Coast folks know.


  2. Found your blog searching for outdoor dining in Vienna. Do you mean the Baja Fresh at Pan Am Center? In that case, Glory Days has a patio too. In Tysons Galleria The Lebanese Taverna has a fairly nice patio, not too much in the parking lot. And Taste of Saigon has a patio too.


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