A Very Mommy Birthday

My birthday is today! Thirty-three years old. It’s not a terrible age, right? Though I do prefer even years to the odd ones. Probably because I like things to be neat and uniform. Even numbers say that to me.

It’s funny to think back on how things change from how you experienced them. I was downtown last week for work and saw that there’s now a Chipotle, Chop’t and Potbelly’s in Union Station. That’s new in recent years. And then later in the week, I was arranging a lunch date with a colleague near my old office and I recommended Olives restaurant, only to learn that it closed – in 2009! I’m so out-of-touch! I didn’t even know the Metro now has three fares.

It reminds me that I had a different life as a twenty-something, eager to change the world from the nation’s capital in my shared apartment in Northwest D.C. But I still am eager. I want a close-knit community, schools I can feel good about and elected officials I can believe in.

So 33 isn’t a big milestone of a birthday, but I do feel that I’ve had some big milestones in my 32nd year. Mind if I share them with you?

Last night a friend watched Ladybug, and Drew and I went to my favorite restaurant – Jaleo – followed by a visit to the FotoDC exhibit, both in Crystal City.

Today I am enjoying time with my husband and my daughter, feeling thankful to have them both in my life for this past year. Really, isn’t that what it’s all about?

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