The Scoop on Businesses Coming and Going in Vienna

These last few months interest in my blog has been growing around town, and it’s super cool. I’m connecting with lots of residents, neighbors and friends about events, places and thoughts about our community. I’ve also been in some communication with Town leaders and officials, as well as local business owners.

My humble blog has even caught the eye of the Vienna Patch online newspaper. So Very Vienna was just featured in Patch’s Must See Web sites! And I continue to write the Friday Grab and Go Kids Planner with events for the coming week (check it out today!).

Now I am honing my journalism skills and doing more investigating around town to answer questions I’m often asked about what’s coming and going in terms of businesses here. So here’s the scoop on some changes you’ll see around town:

Businesses That Are In

  • The Fresh Market. This promises to be an upscale grocery store in the space formerly occupied by That’s Amore and Hancock Fabrics at the edge of town toward Tysons on Maple.
  • Panera. I know you’re all chompin’ at the bit for this place to open near Magruders on Maple Avenue. I peeked in yesterday and didn’t see any people getting ready, but the place looks like it could open within the month.
  • A new pizza joint. Word from the Motophoto owner (see below) is that a pizza delivery place is taking his store’s place once he moves in June. To be continued.
  • Robek’s. As if Panera wasn’t enough for us, Robek’s is moving in right next-door! Construction is just starting, but hopefully the healthy smoothie joint will be open in time for summer.
  • Savvy Rest Bedroom Store. Located next to the forthcoming Sweet Leaf Cafe (see below) on the corner of Glyndon Street and Maple Avenue, I’d guess by the name of it that there will be yet more options for bedroom furnishing in town. Let’s hope it’s not exclusively mattresses, because we all know we have plenty of that on Maple Avenue.
  • Sweet City Desserts. Because we need one more dessert place in town, Sweet City Desserts is coming into the shopping strip formerly occupied by Yas Bakery before it moved to Church Street – so it will be next to Bikes @ Vienna at the Pure Pasty Company. Don’t get me wrong, I’m eager to see it – just wondering where all these dessert and fro yo places were a few years back when we had zip.
  • Sweet Leaf Cafe. Construction on this self-dubbed “community cafe” has seemed to come to a stop over the last few months – I haven’t seen any movement when I drive by on Maple Avenue. I don’t have news of an opening date, but am eagerly awaiting the addition of a new lunch spot in town.

Businesses That Are Out

  • Blockbuster Video. We knew it was inevitable, right? When’s the last time you rented a video or game? So now there will be a big open space in the same shopping center as The Fresh Market (above).
  • Church Street Cellars. Vienna’s only wine bar – with outdoor seating – is officially gone. Quite sad, as I thought it was fun to purchase wine by the glass and have some tapas. Apparently the rent was too high. I’ve heard rumors that Bazin’s next door may open up a Mexican-themed restaurant in the space, and that Church Street might open somewhere else … just not on Church Street.
  • Nizam’s Restaurant. Tucked into the corner of the shopping center on Nutley and Maple, this Turkish restaurant has been a staple for a while. Word is that a new, upscale Turkish place might go in, sort of like a Turkish “Bazin’s”. Also in that complex, My Eye Doctor has moved to a block down the road, but it seems like it will also maintain that space in the shopping center. Nothing new and fun for us.

In Between

  • Motophoto. The photo shop on Maple Avenue is moving in early June next to the future-Robek’s.
  • McDonald’s. It’s closed for renovations at its Maple Avenue and Nutley location, for about a month I believe. I don’t eat there and wouldn’t suggest it, but just informing the massess here.

If you have any news on local movements, share it!

11 thoughts on “The Scoop on Businesses Coming and Going in Vienna

  1. All that read this blog, my wife has become the Wiki of Vienna!!!
    Great investigating. I am looking forward to all the new places we can visit and enjoy.


  2. I’m so sad that Church St. Cellars is gone – it was a great concept and my favorite Vienna hang out. Hope they can find a new building soon!


    • Yeah, it’s a bummer. It was kind of Vienna’s coolest hang out. Though being a new mom, I didn’t get there nearly enough, so maybe I was part of the problem! We did have a very successful Vienna Moms Night Out event there, though. Hopefully a wine bar will open elsewhere in town. Thanks for reading from Arlington, Gina!


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  6. Anyone know when Dunkin Donuts on maple ave. will be reopening?? I saw some new permits on the window this Saturday… Missing my coffee and donuts!


  7. I’ve been asked a lot about an apparent issue with Norms Beer & Wine and Fresh Market occupying space in the same shopping center. I spoke with Norm a few weeks back, and he said there was an issue with the new lease that was drawn up with his pending neighbor. There have been lots of chatter around Town and in Vienna Moms about what’s happening. So it seems that there is an issue, and that many people are behind the incumbent Norm to keep his business locally.

    A friend of mine suggested that Norm move his business to the former location of Church Street Cellars, and have the ability to not only buy the booze for later, but also get drinks it there. A great idea! What do you think, Norm?


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