Strong and Healthy Rules! Get Active in Vienna.

For regular readers, you know that I’ve been working hard to meet my goal of being pre-baby weight by Ladybug’s first birthday. Going to the gym and eating well (and carefully) have been a focus of my life for the last four months since I decided to just get it done: lose the weight and get in shape.

I am super proud to report that I’ve met my health goal. I’ve lost 23 pounds since November 1, to get my to pre-baby weight! I have lots of extra energy, I’m down a pants size and people often tell me I look great. As a capstone to the months of work, I completed an indoor sprint triathlon (my first ever) last week: 10-minute swim, 20-minute run and 30-minute bike. I did great, and felt fine afterwards!

In addition to the weight, I have some very real changes in the structure of my body, as learned from an assessment done at my gym, Lifetime Fitness: in November, I was 35 percent body fat. Yuck. Now I’m 28 percent! And in November my body’s age was like that of a 39-year-old – now it’s my true age: a 32-year-old. Apparently I have the potential to have the body of a 21-year-old, but let’s not get crazy.

While I really enjoy my gym, I think that with the nice weather on the horizon and the ever looming family budget, I might start seeking a new, less expensive, gym. I also still want to get into even better shape, but I don’t know that I need to be so disciplined about it right now – I’m a bit worn out in some ways from my months of hard work. And, I’m eager to get outside and bike on the W & OD Trail after the cold winter. Here is a quick list of places in Vienna where you can find fitness support:

Gyms / Fitness & Health Clubs

Bike Stores

Note that Vienna just passed a law to create a new bike route on Courthouse Road! Props to my hubby, Town Transportation Safety Commission Chair, who helped make this happen!

Yoga and Pilates

There are also several martial arts studios in town, but since I don’t practice that, I’ll leave that for someone else to discover and share!

Hope you get out there and get moving! See you on the trail!

13 thoughts on “Strong and Healthy Rules! Get Active in Vienna.

  1. Thanks again for the support. Now you will be able to bike on Courthouse Rd with a little less fear.
    You were beautiful before you lost the weight but I am so proud of your accomplishment anyway.


  2. Great job, Melanie! I love Gold’s Gym, and I cannot say enough good things about it. The group exercise classes get me so motivated. I have become such good friends with the ladies I take classes with that we even get together outside the gym. Having a support system totally helps stay motivated to go workout. Since the weather is nicer, we can take the girls on the W& OD trail. Kate loves taking walks in her BOB.


  3. I also go to Gold’s and it’s the most affordable gym I’ve found in the area. Echoing Sarah, their exercise classes are fantastic! Definitely worth joining for those alone.


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