The Library: Five Reasons Why You Should Check It Out

I am writing this blog post in a library. You know, that place with free books that brings back memories of writing book reports with card catalogs and reference materials? Or remember the summer reading club where if you read 10 books you got … a book?! And your name on the wall! Alas, those were simpler times.

In my education work, I read lots of articles (online) about how books are going by the way side. Our kids will be Internet junkies, multi-tasking mavericks, the benefits of which are debatable according to a recent Time Magazine article.

But I’m here today to say that libraries are not just about books. Sure, they’ve got tons of books for me to curl up with in the off-chance I have a few minutes to read when the Bug is sleeping. Though more than books, there are lots of other free offerings by the library. Here is what I found today at Patrick Henry Library:

  1. A quiet, well-lit place to do my work, without the distractions of home – with free WiFi.
  2. A dozen free magazines and newspapers about living locally that I could take home with me, including The Family Phonebookbreathe, Washington Family Magazine, Fairfax County Times and the Vienna and Oakton Connection.
  3. A hold system that let me select a book online a week ago so I’d know that when I walked into the library today, it would be waiting for me.
  4. An event schedule that’s got something for all ages, several days a week – Music Together, storytime for toddlers, reading with a dog!
  5. A “Mega Book Sale” on April 2 and April 3, where on the latter, you can fill a whole bag of books for $5. Five dollars, people!

Not too long ago, library hours were cut and rearranged due to the budget issues that plague not only our county, but the nation. So make those tax dollars work for you! Check out the library soon. (Pun Intended).

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