FroYo, New Restaurants and Kid Fitness, Oh My!

I have a few things floating around my mind today, I’d like to be sure to share them with you. Stand by for random yet (hopefully) informative news!

First: frozen yogurt. Is it really ever too cold for frozen yogurt? Heck no! All winter long hubby and I have made regular visits to Molly’s Yogurt and the more-recently arrived Red Mango. Both have their merits. I like that Molly’s is a locally-bred store and the value there is super. The Gelato is also amazing. Red Mango has more flavors and toppings, but the fact that you fill your own cup means there’s a big danger of eating (and paying) too much!

Second: New Restaurants. Many readers were a-buzz when I blogged that there’s a Panera coming to town. I’m thinking springtime, but I don’t know for sure. Fellow blogger Sarah told me about the Mosaic Shopping Center coming in 2012 between Gallows Road and Lee Highway. I’d heard rumblings about this, but the lineup looks great: Matchbox Restaurant (great wood-fired pizzas), MOM’s Organic Market and what seems to be an upscale movie theater.

Third: Fun Bus. Fun Bus gets its own paragraph because it’s a mobile gym in an old school bus. That rocks! I pulled up to one at a traffic light in Vienna the other day and man, I wanted to be three years old again so I could run around this playground on wheels. The motto touts “fitness fun on wheels”, and they even do birthday parties for kids ages two to five. Way to reuse and innovate, people.

Also, don’t forget to check out today’s Vienna Patch Grab & Go Kids Planner with kids events for the coming week!

Do you have any random information that you’d like to share about Town or places nearby? Please do!


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