So Very Vienna Featured on Vienna Patch’s Grab and Go Kids Planner

I’ve been so flattered that since I’ve started my blog, people are turning to me for information and suggestions about all things Vienna. Places to buy dessert, local bars, where to take kids to play indoors are just some of the areas where I’ve been able to provide insight about living in Vienna.

Vienna PatchI’m proud to share here that I’m now writing the weekly Grab and Go Kids Planner articles that run in the Vienna Patch online newspaper. Each Friday, I’ll post five activities in the Planner that can help get you through the coming week with some fun and flare. Some activities might be tried-true for you, while others might be new.

I hope you’ll check out the Grab and Go Kids Planner and subscribe to weekly updates. If you ever had suggestions for places to go with kids, you can comment on the Planner article or here on my blog.

Also, be sure to check out the new links and resources I have on the right side of my blog pages, including a link to the Grab and Go articles, a list of Vienna resources and an updated compilation of parenting blogs I think are neat. And stay tuned for a new spring header with pictures of flowering Vienna and the ever-growing Ladybug!

See ya around town!


4 thoughts on “So Very Vienna Featured on Vienna Patch’s Grab and Go Kids Planner

    • I’m trying to be a good journalist, like you, Lexi. Among other research tactics, I now walk around town checking community bulletin boards, small notebook in hand! I feel like a real reporter!


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