Wintertime Thoughts of a Ladybug and Photos of Butterflies

This teasing of the spring weather and then back to cold is just madness, I tell you. Madness! I don’t know what to wear and I don’t know how much to subject Bug to putting her coat on and off (which she intensely dislikes at this moment in time).

And so life keeps barreling on during these fading days of winter. Bug will be one year old in less than one month’s time. In some ways I feel I’m getting the hang of things – of her and life with her. In others, I feel like it’s still a crazy roller coaster ride on which I’m constantly checking my safety belt to be sure it hasn’t come undone in midair.

Yesterday morning Bug and I finally got out the door, really only 15 minutes late, to check out this music show at Lebanese Taverna in Arlington. I had exactly 11 minutes to get there, which already didn’t bode well. As I strapped Bug into her car seat, she began to cry though I don’t know at what. I sat down in the front seat and realized something was poking me in the side. I then emptied to contents of my vest pocket: a nasal aspirator, an Asian pear, my car keys and a wadded up tissue. I half chuckled at how it’s now normal for me to shove all manner of things in my pockets because I’ve run out of hands. And then I wondered when I was going to get a break during this day.

As for our morning: Route 66 was backed up and Bug fell asleep in the car. We never made it to Lebanese Taverna but instead side tracked to Falls Church where I met a nice fellow mom (hi Cheri!) at Starbucks. The day ended up being packed with my efforts to entertain Bug: lunch at Chipotle, playtime at Mo Bu Kids and a Vienna Moms play date at the library.

Ladybug and I actually had a great day. I tried to cherish my time with her, and so it worked out ok.

I want to mention a great kids activity: the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History has free admission to its Butterfly Pavillion weekly on Tuesdays. You can walk through a warm garden of fluttering butterflies at your own pace, and wait for one to land on you. It’s a timed entry, so head there first when you arrive to get your tickets so you can walk around the museum in case you need to wait. Here are some pictures I took during our visit there this week:



2 thoughts on “Wintertime Thoughts of a Ladybug and Photos of Butterflies

  1. That pic of you, Bug and the butterfly is precious! I love her facial expression. She’s like “Oh my gosh, what is that thing on Mommy’s arm!”


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