Noisy, Snowy Days to Come in Vienna? A Policy Update.

I live in the Town of Vienna proper. That means that I receive extra local services (like Town police and fire departments) for extra tax dollars, and there’s a Town Mayor and Council. This is different from other surrounding communities, like Fairfax. Some folks live in Vienna but aren’t in the actual Town limits.

The Town of Vienna can implement its own policies under authority expressly granted by the state of Virginia. One issue that has come up a lot in local news is the Town’s revisiting of a noise ordinance that would change what days of the week and what hours professional contractors may work on home remodeling. Currently contractors may work Monday through Saturday from 7 am to 8pm. Because of policies enacted by the state, the Town is considering extending the hours to include Sunday and federal holidays.

I attended a February 7 Town Council meeting to ask the Council to please not increase the time our community is subject to the noise of construction – 13 hours a day, six days a week is already plenty thanks very much. The Town is having the next public meeting about the noise ordinance on Monday, March 7 at 8pm at Town Hall.

In other policy news, Bug’s 10:30am Music Together class at the Vienna Community Center was cancelled today due to the quarter-inch of winter precipitation on the ground that prompted Fairfax County Public Schools to open two hours late. When schools open late, the Vienna Community Center follows the County’s park and rec center policy and opens at noon. So with the sun out, blue skies and roads clear as far as I can see, Bug is not wiggling and singing because people on the other side of Fairfax County may still have some ice on the ground.

I did have a nice conversation with the Community Center director, who shared that the Center has to consider the needs of all people using the facility. A good point, and I appreciated her time explaining the policies to me. It’s just a bummer that Bug has to miss her class and I have to scramble to figure out what we’re going to do to keep busy today. Good thing I’m accumulating a list of indoor activities for kids! I think we might actually head downtown to the Smithsonian.

So when you’re out about Town in the coming days, keep in mind the policies that govern our community for the better … or worse.

7 thoughts on “Noisy, Snowy Days to Come in Vienna? A Policy Update.

  1. The house directly next to me and the house one over are both under construction. So, we hear construction noise just about all the time. I agree with you on not extending the hours. I know they do their best to minimize mess and noise, but it would be nice to not hear jackhammering seven days a week ;)


    • That would drive me crazy, Sarah. You can email the Town Council and let them know you oppose adding more times for construction work. Just go to the Town’s Web site to see the Council members’ email addresses and send along a little note!


  2. An update to the original blog post, from Vienna Patch:

    After a series of four lively public hearings that have spanned four months, the Vienna Town Council will vote to adopt a new noise ordinance on April 4.

    The proposed ordinance would continue to ban contractor work on Sundays, along with lawn mowing, excavation, demolition and other construction activities. The ordinance would also specifically ban this work on six federal holidays: Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day.

    Residents would be permitted to do this type of work on their own home on Sundays, but under the new ordinance they would not be able to begin until after 9 a.m., instead of 7 a.m. as the current code states.


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