Surviving the Great Indoors of Winter

So, how about this weather we’re having? Feeling a little beat after last week’s rush-hour blizzard? Trying to figure out what to do with the kiddie as temperatures hover around the mid-30s?

I don’t have all the answers, but I have a few ideas on how to try and keep sane during the winter freeze:

1. Eat out. We love the new Red Mango yogurt – the newest addition to the Vienna cold dessert roster. You buy yogurt with toppings by the ounce, so be careful! Also, I am looking forward to the opening of the new Panera, where the former Hamilton Sofa Gallery was, at 136 Maple Avenue West.

2. Cook something. Cooking keeps me busy while making the house smell yummy. I stocked up the kitchen yesterday with a drive around town to my favorite grocery stores.

3. Get active. I went to East Meets West Yoga studio on Thursday night, for a special Vienna Moms group yoga event that I helped to organize. The studio was warm and softly lit. Made my day of dealing with the snow melt away. (I also went with friends afterwards to Caffe Amouri for some tea in a generously-sized mug.)

4. Be crafty. My friend Tara is teaching me how to knit. I know, the last thing I need is a new hobby – as such, I’m not progressing enough to warrant a trip to Vienna’s own Uniquities Yarn Shop on Church Street. Tara and I met at The Soundry by the W & OD Trail – a place that’s a former auto body shop turned public coffee shop/ art gallery /shared studio space. I was intrigued that it had a Monday night open-studio time, and thought it would be a good place for us to meet and do crafts. While it seemed great for actual artists in search of studio space, I can’t say it was the coziest place to sip our hot chocolate, gab and knit.

I wish it was easier to find some baby- and infant-friendly indoor spaces. Barring Oak Mar Rec Center pool, the indoor play places I’m aware of don’t seem to have weekend hours. Got any bright ideas?


11 thoughts on “Surviving the Great Indoors of Winter

  1. love your suggestions and am so anxious to start knitting! my two attempts to learn have not been so successful but I am going to try again. :) your blog is great!


    • Maybe we can knit together, sometime! I think I’d be more motivated to learn how to knit if I was with a friend!

      Thanks for checking out my blog. I love your classes at East Meets West Yoga, Tracy.


  2. A new Panera? Woo hoo! Maybe we can actually get a seat for lunch without having to give all the single laptop users the evil eye!! ; )

    I never fail to learn something new about Vienna everytime I read you blog! A yarn shop in Vienna? Who knew?? The Soundry? Sounds like a very cool place — probably not really baby friendly but definitely cool…

    No tips on places to take little ones, sadly. We are usually too busy driving older ones around to school and other activities.


  3. I am so excited about the Panera – that would be a great spot to meet up for a mommy-baby lunch. Or just mommies! Last week was rough. Kate loves to get out, so when we are stuck inside, it is a challenge. I just had to keep moving around the house, offering up different “activities,” like watching me fold laundry, working on crawling, playing with toys, etc… I think we are going to try to hit up Mr. Knick Knack or a show at Jammin Java – weather permitting!


    • I still need to get to Jammin Java. Thing is, now that Bug is crawling, I don’t want her crawling all over a night club floor and I can’t imagine she’d be happy with me holding her for 45 minutes. Soon she’ll be walking, and I think it will be a hit then!


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