Meditation on a Snow Day

Our region received a moderate amount of snow at a ridiculously fast pace last night, leaving many – including my husband – stranded in their cars for hours on major highways and side roads. After the craziness, and knowing that everyone is safe, here are some thoughts on this Snow Day.

Out in the morning after a snow, I’m driving around enjoying the emptiness of the roads caused by school closures. Looking at the white snow on medians and curbs, as yet untouched and turned to mud by legions of cars with drivers blathering on their cell phones, disturbing the serenity.

Watching the snowy branches sway and lose some glittering white as a wind pushes the limbs up and down. Pristine lawns of snow glisten, waiting for snowmen to be built or birds to peck upon them.

I wish it wasn’t such an effort to dress Bug in her snow outfit; I’d like to let her lie in the snow, make an attempt to create a baby snow angel. Maybe that’s too ambitious for this winter – for baby’s first winter.

Cold cheeks as I walk to the door, careful to avoid the ice that has spread across the pathway. Into the house to find cuddly baby, ready to play and watch the world of winter from the living room window.


One thought on “Meditation on a Snow Day

  1. If Bug is ready to do a snow angel then we are ready to take her out and let her do that.
    The snow is pretty to see before the cars run all over it.


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