Musical Mommy Melanie

I can’t imagine my life without music. I took piano lessons for 10 years as a kid, graduating high school with the equivalent of an SAT test score high enough to get into a music conservatory. I tap my fingers as if playing the piano when listening to any kind of music. I recognize classical music pieces on NPR as familiar friends, and know the names of old sampled pop songs in current music.

Bug at six months tickling the plastic ivories

So of course my baby is going to jam!

Ladybug started her first music program this week – Music Together – held weekly at the Vienna Community Center (Cuppett Performing Arts Center next door also hosts the sessions). Music Together is an early childhood music and movement program for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners and the adults who love them (that’s me – Musical Mommy!).

We sat in a circle and sang, and intermittently danced around with instruments, about which Bug was thrilled. And, it turns out three of my neighbors were there too! Bonus! I left with a book and CD of music, happy that we had gotten out of the house on a cold morning to do something that involved more creativity than me playing on the floor with Bug and her toys.

I think Bug is well on her way to a life of music. In addition to Music Together, she’s already been banging the piano keys. One day I’d like to take her to the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix.

Then, last night, I went with my friend Megan to see International Guitar Night at the Barnes at Wolf Trap. The show is a touring guitar festival that brings together interesting and innovative acoustic guitarists to exchange musical ideas in a concert setting. I had wanted to go because I love the acoustic guitar, and I love the Barnes in the winter – cozy and charming, and I can sip some wine while enjoying the show.

As I listened to the four guitarists play individually and in different formations of duos and then a quartet, I was struck at how happy these four guys looked. The best was an Italian guitarist, Pino Forastiere, who was so expressive in his hand movements. They were all grinning at each other, and at their guitars, to extend further the notes of their strings.

I leave these kinds of shows feeling pleased that I’ve gone to a musical event, and motivated to do more to bring music into my life and the lives of those around me. My independent consulting practice has been going strong since I started it in August 2009. I’ve worked with some great education reform organizations.

The show last night reminded me how much I want to support the work of music-related organizations as well. I have tried to work my way into a role at Wolf Trap over the last few months, but it’s not working just yet. I’m going to think hard and do some networking to be a super Musical Melanie in the coming year! If anyone out there has some tips or connections for me, let me know!


4 thoughts on “Musical Mommy Melanie

  1. Can I call you Musical Melanie??!
    When bug get’s better at the piano we should buy another piano so you can have dueling piano nights. Awesome!


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