What’s On My Holiday Wish List? Me Time.

Everyone knows that the holidays can be a joyful yet stressful time. The minutes left in the year are ticking away and we try to cram the remnants of a year’s worth of socializing, working, shopping and realizing our best intentions into a few weeks. It’s no wonder we all feel a bit stretched thin as we count down till midnight on December 31.

As a mom, this feeling gets doubled. There’s this usual holiday squeeze mixed with the New Normal of trying-to-do-it-all for family and self.

Now, I’m not down about the holiday squeeze plus the New Normal. In fact, I’m realizing each day that this is the (challenging) fun of being a mom at this time in history – a time when cell phones, the Internet and nonstop work schedules dominate our social landscape. However, I have gotten a bit nostalgic lately for how it used to be; when you weren’t always reachable, weren’t always trying to push aside requests for your time coming from multiple directions simultaneously.

It’s sometimes difficult to enjoy the decisions I’ve made about how to spend my time. I finished sending out holiday cards. I felt compelled to do so since it’s Bean’s first holiday season. I usually love sending personal cards in the mail. It’s so old school, so personal. Yet as I was writing them out, stuffing and sealing, I was also watching the minutes race by as Bean took a nap, thinking of the dozen other things I could be – no, apparently need to be – doing. No wonder some friends sent me electronic greeting cards this year.

Fondue dippers

There’s also the need to have quality time with my husband – my partner in crime. We managed to squeeze in a little Us Time at his office’s holiday party, although, yes, we weren’t alone. The party was at The Melting Pot in Reston. How could we miss fondue on a cold winter’s night? What made it especially fun was that many people there hadn’t tried fondue before, so we got to share in others’ new experience.

I’m realizing that I like to do many things and I have a variety of interests. I enjoy sending cards to people and socializing, among other things. But I am confused.

When I do these things, is it Me Time? I think that Me Time is when I make a little space for my soul to breathe, but what I often do is fill my moments with interesting activities that I enjoy. I am not sure if I can have enough self-control to create Me Time in a world that is constantly on, continuously offering me input and expecting output. So this holiday season, what I’d like gift wrapped in a bow is a little more Me Time to reflect on all the wonderful things in my life as a mom, wife, woman and individual.

What do you want for the holidays? I hope you get it!


2 thoughts on “What’s On My Holiday Wish List? Me Time.

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