It’s Cold: Deliver Me Food, Vienna

If you haven’t noticed, it’s cold outside.

When I was in college in upstate New York, I biked to school in the snow and wore T-shirts to parties in the dead of winter. Now I get frostbite if I’m not wearing a down jacket when I walk from my house to my car. Is it me, or are winters colder now than they used to be?

Clearly this is no time to be going outside. Especially since my household is battling a number of illnesses: ear infection, cold, stomach bug. Why are we so sick? I thought we were eating well, washing our hands frequently and staying away from others who were sick. I guess it’s not enough. More vitamin C, please.

But we have to eat, and sometimes it’s just too much to go out and get food, let alone cook dinner. Back to my college days: I remember stacks of delivery menus shoved under our dorm room doors of restaurants only too happy to trek to us in freezing weather, often late at night. Yet here in Vienna, I’m often at a loss of where to call for delivery food.

To help us all out this winter, I decided to pull together a list of places that deliver in Vienna. Are these all? I haven’t tried many of these, but my Internet search shows me that they will bring hot food to my door.

  • Vocelli Pizza. 703-399-3028. 334 Maple Avenue West. $2.50 charge.

Church Street Pizza and Plaka – please offer delivery service!!


7 thoughts on “It’s Cold: Deliver Me Food, Vienna

  1. There’s also the regular joints like Papa John’s, Pizza Hut, and Domino’s. They all offer other food items in addition to pizza. That being said, I like the list you have compiled. I nominate myself to sacrifice my body to test all the deliveries. Does this mean we will be ordering in this weekend? :)


  2. My first comment on your blog – I would love, love, love for Church Street and Plaka to deliver. Both restaurants are, hands down, two of my favorite around. Another good delivery place is Johnny’s (Park Street).


    • Hey, thanks for commenting! I tried convincing the people at Plaka that they should deliver, but was told that their kitchen is too small to manage all the orders. So clearly, they need to move to a bigger place.


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