Cheers: Where to Find a Drink in Vienna

Bean has her first ear infection. I took her to the doctor today and he said that since she’ll need be on antibiotics she can’t eat any new food – good thing I made her four batches of new meals today for the freezer. And I gave her a bath and put her to bed tonight while I was wearing only one sock, because I needed to get one foot in the tub to bathe her and didn’t have a split second to remove the other one.

I need a drink.

So where does one go in our little hamlet to get a hefferveisen? Let’s round up the local watering holes and find out:


  • Church Street Cellars. I love that you can swipe a card and buy wine by the glass. The decor is also cool – cozy amidst stone. It’s an easy place to stop in and have a glass of wine, and more recently, also a bite to eat.
  • Jammin’ Java. The music venue/coffee house also has a bar, though I think I’d only buy a drink there while I was enjoying one of the usually excellent shows.
  • Neighbors. The lone bar/restaurant on the edge of town on Cedar Lane, I first, and last, went here for brunch with a friend years ago. As the reviews on Yelp say, it’s kind of a dive, kind of an enigma.
  • The Vienna Inn. A Vienna institution, it also boasts chill dogs and Sunday brunch. If you want a no-frills kind of place to get cozy with local residents, check it out.

There are also bars in restaurants around town. Here are the ones I’m aware of, though I think more restaurants do have bars:

  • Bazin’s on Church. I haven’t been yet, but the consensus in my circles is that it’s the swanky place in town. Folks have told me it can get a little loud, but it is a beautiful space. I do want to check it out sometime.
  • Maple Wood Grill. I went for lunch here with a friend, and the two of us were the youngest people in the joint by 40 years. However, the food was excellent and from what I’ve heard, they seem to have a rockin’ piano bar in the evenings for the mature crowd. I’d love to see a more balanced age group here – I think it would be a cool local hang out. I love a piano bar! Maple Wood Grill also features the Vienna Martini: Absolut Peach, fresh lime juice and cranberry juice. Wow-sa.

Despite these establishments, it’s no secret that Vienna could benefit from an honest-to-goodness pub, with good beers, new TVs for watching sports and comfortable seating. Do I smell my next entrepreneurial adventure? Who knows!

Beverage Stores

  • Norm’s Beer and Wine. I am overdue for going here. The place boasts 400 kinds of beer and wines from around the world. Indeed, my friend from Scotland found a beer made in a brewery next to her parents house back home! Gotta love a locally-owned beverage super store.
  • Out Of Site Wines. Located on Dominion Road just across from the Caboose on the W & OD Trail, this little shop has lots of wines and is nicely laid out. They don’t have much by way of a Web site, but I’ve enjoyed what I’ve purchased there.
  • Vienna Vintner. I have seen this place tucked away in a shopping center, but it’s also somewhere I haven’t been yet. Seems they have classes, tastings and special dinners! There’s a coupon on their Web site for 20 percent off your first purchase, and they apparently have wine and cheese tastings every Saturday afternoon.

Am I missing any? No more come to mind as I’m sitting here sipping my sangria.


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