A Mom’s Support

We had a very Vienna day yesterday in this glorious fall weather. We picked up some pasties from the Pure Pasty Company on Church Street, and went on over to Meadowlark Botanical Gardens to catch a last glimpse of fall leaves. There were more beautiful yellow leaves on the drive to the Gardens than actually in the Gardens, but it was enough for us to put a blanket down and play with the baby as the sun streamed through the branches above us.

We were trying very hard to have a relaxing day – no chores, no plans. I had just read Anna Quindlen’s, A Short Guide to a Happy Life (it’s a 20 minute read). I totally get what she’s saying: “Turn off your cell phone … Keep still. Be present.” I was doing well until about 5pm, when my to-do list crept into my mind. There was one thing I’ve been itching to take care of for some weeks now.

(If there are any fellas reading this blog, at this time you may want to check out the other pages on my site … or not!)

I needed some physical support. I’m talking about bras. Having gone through pregnancy and nursing, I had not only earned but was in need of some nice, new bras.

Luckily for us, we have a fantastic delicates store right in Vienna – Trousseau. I’d gotten my wedding undergarments there, but hadn’t been back since. Sure, the prices are a little more than, say a Victoria’s Secret; however, the service far surpasses anything I’ve yet found in the mall, and I didn’t miss the photos of super-models staring me down (I mean, good for Heidi Klum that she’s a size zero a month after having a baby – we real women don’t have eight hours a day to exercise). And, knowing I could be there and back home in an hour to start getting Bean ready for bed was a big plus.

I was helped by a chipper, self-proclaimed 97-pound lady who was only too happy to find something perfect for me. As she said, “You’re a mom but you’re still a woman.” (She also told me I was the “Queen of England – you can do whatever you want!” I smiled a lot while I was there.)

It’s so rare that I feel really content with a purchase. I felt that way yesterday. It’s good to have support when you need it!

5 thoughts on “A Mom’s Support

  1. I went to another one of your posts and didn’t read this post as per your statement:)

    It really was beautiful weather this weekend. I think we did a good job staying outside.


  2. Oh my gosh! What a gorgeous shot!!! Are you on flickr? You should be because I NEED to favorite that picture! It is just so perfectly fall!

    I’ve also heard great things about Pure Pasty Co. I finally tried Cafe Amourri and really liked it! The coffee was perfect.


    • What a nice compliment, Jessica! Alas, I am not on flickr. I actually have yet to join the big social media revolution and get on all those sharing sites. I am just enjoying my corner of the Web here on my blog, much to several people’s dismay (Lexi, I know, I know!). Can you favorite my blog on flickr? Clearly I have no idea …


  3. happy to hear you found a supportive lady to assist you. My experience has been just the opposite with the Bra ladies. But that goes back a while . Keep smiling and keep using that camera. the pictures are great


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