Honor Your Committments, Not Your Feelings

I joined a gym. I’ve been trying since Bean was three months old (so four months ago) to lose this baby weight. I’ve had limited carbs, no cheese, no dessert; walked a little each day, did yoga weekly, took a bike ride now and then. All the while wondering why women, after all we go through to carry and have a baby, can’t lose the baby weight immediately after birth as a consolation prize. But I haven’t seen the progress I want in losing weight.

What pushed me was that a friend referred me, and I thought that having a partner in crime would force me to turn up each day, rather than procrastinate at home.

I heard the phrase, “Honor your commitments, not your feelings” from a motivational speaker at a working mom’s conference I went to the other week (which I want to blog about at some point). It was on my mind as I dragged myself to meet my friend and check out the gym.

And so I found myself at Lifetime Fitness in Fairfax last Monday morning at 9am sharp. I was excited to be doing something good for myself, but at the same time didn’t really want to be there. I mean, it’s the gym. However, I was committed to showing up.

I made it there three times in my first week of membership. And I was feeling great about honoring my committment – until I had a fitness assessment by a personal trainer who rightly suggested that I join a weight loss program and drop another $1,000 to do so. Oh, and that I had a certain percentage of body fat, which shall remain absent here. I immediately started worrying about how I couldn’t possibly lose weight if I didn’t add this next level of services from the gym. I already felt defeated before I really started.

Then I remembered some things about my workout history: I was committed to running a half marathon once, and I did it despite never running before. I lost weight for my wedding and looked great.

How am I feeling? Tired and overwhelmed and overscheduled. But what am I committed to? Losing 20 pounds, looking lean and feeling healthy.

So, can you pass me that dumbbell over there?

6 thoughts on “Honor Your Committments, Not Your Feelings

  1. I totally understand your motivation to lose weight post baby! My son will be 1 year in a few weeks and I still have some lb’s to lose (gulp). I was a member of Lifetime Fitness until he was born and have considered going back now that he is older. One concern is day care: have you placed Bean in their daycare/infant care center?


    • Hi Martine. Yes, I’ve put Bean in a few times, and I’ve been pleased each time. She’s often the only infant there. I am sure to take her when it’s not her nap or feeding times, though honestly, I think I could bring her bottle and have the staff member do it. Also, I like how once a kid uses a toy, it goes into a “dirty” box, so the kids can’t share them. I consider the whole thing a break for me when I’m tired from a day of caring for my Bean.


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