Election Day Special: Interview with Vienna’s Mayor

It’s Election Day – I hope you voted!

I had planned to post this earlier today, with a neighborly reminder to vote. Alas, life with my seven month old got in the way (but we had fun!). So here I am, 10pm at night, snacking on ridiculously good dark chocolate mixed with sea salt, creating something fun for you to read.

In a nod toward our civic duty, I wanted to learn more about Vienna’s own mayor, Jane Seeman. She didn’t run in today’s election (she was reelected in May 2010), so I thought learning more about our town’s leader would be a fun, nonpartisan link to Election Day.

Mayor Seeman has been Mayor of Vienna since 2000, and before that was on the Town Council. According to The Washington Post, by May 2010 she had logged 2,000 hours of community service at the Patrick Henry Library. Wow!

Mayor Seeman, how long have you been in Vienna and what keeps you here?

I’ve lived in Vienna for over 40 years and continue to live here for several reasons. First, my kids and grandkids are all nearby. Second, arts offerings, entertainment, medical services, shopping and my church are all convenient to Vienna. I also like the the small town atmosphere and ambiance, and that the weather is moderate – I like having all four seasons.

What are your favorite places to eat in Vienna?

Well, I don’t cook so normally I pick something up during the day at one of our restaurants. I am always ready to try out a new place and then rave about it to my friends.  [Mayor Seeman starts to rattle off a dozen restaurants in town as her favorites] … On second thought better not try to list any of these as I’ve already thought of more I didn’t mention. Let’s just say I frequent them all, and that would be the truth!

What are your three favorite town events?

It’s hard to say just three. Let me share a few more. Summer concerts on the Town Green, the Halloween Parade, Oktoberfest, ViVa! Vienna!, the Church Street Holiday Stroll and July 4th celebrations.

Mayor Seeman, what do you think is a best kept secret about Vienna?

There are several. In the summer you can stroll down Center Street and see great baseball, softball, soccer and football being played at Caffi & Waters Fields – free sports entertainment! Also, The Vienna Theatre Company plays at the Vienna Community Center – these performances are definitely worth checking out, and I rarely miss one.

I’ve probably gone on too long, but you can tell I am passionate about Vienna!

Yes, Mayor Seeman, you certainly do love our town! Thanks for sharing the many reasons why.

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