Halloween Special: Vienna Dessert Roundup

It’s time for Halloween in Vienna! That means two things: parade and treats.

The Vienna Halloween Parade is TODAY, Wednesday, October 27 on Main Street A.K.A. Maple Avenue, starting at 7pm. The parade has it’s very own Web site where you can find info about how to navigate this small-town parade that hosts 35,000 people. Rain or shine, the parade runs a half mile down the main drag of town. My favorite parts of the parade are seeing dogs dressed in costumes and watching the Washington Redskins Marching Band perform. [Side note: I LOVE marching bands. I was the Drum Major of my high school band on Long Island. I am admittedly a Supreme Band Geek.]

So the parade will get you into the Halloween spirit. And your kids have probably already worn their costume to a Halloween party and gotten hopped up on candy.

But what treats are around for us adults who no longer have baby teeth that can be sacrificed to a plastic pumpkin filled with candy?

Fear not! I have selflessly compiled a list of places to have dessert around town – even if it meant sampling copious amounts of delectable delights. I focused on places that solely or mostly sell desserts (so not restaurants that may offer desserts). If I’ve missed any, please add a comment and then invite me to meet you there for a taste test. I also did a prelude to this list in earlier posts, so some links below lead you back there.

Dessert Bakeries

  • Amphora Bakery. So initially I forgot this one, because for some reason I’ve never been there. I intend to go, though, after reading what their Web site says: “A European-style patisserie located in Herndon and Vienna, Virginia. Enjoy a cappuccino with your favorite cookie while you relax in our comfortable chairs and watch our master pastry chefs create exotic cakes and treats.”
  • Cenan’s Bakery. I’ve had more bread and sandwiches than sweets at Cenan’s, but it’s been a staple in town for years. According to our babysitter, who’s classmate’s dad is Mr. Cenan himself, it’s pronounced “seh-NONS”. I’ve never heard anyone pronounce it this way. Whoops!
  • NEW! Cupcakes! This place on the corner of Maple and Nutley has been open about a month. When I went on the third day of their opening, they were sold out! I managed to snag two cupcakes this weekend though – Red Velvet and Pumpkin Spice. The verdict? Moist cake. Subtle yet rich frosting. Free sprinkles. Pretty pink box. And there’s a cute place to sit among funky pink and zebra decorations. The store is upstairs from Curtsies and Petals, and the owner of that store was working at Cupcakes! when I was there. How neighborly! I think it’s a winner.
  • Great Harvest Bread Co. While I usually think of bread when I think of Great Harvest, they certainly have a fair share of treats. Their Apple Scrapple bread could be considered dessert (it’s fantastic for a brunch), and they have scones.
  • The Italian Gourmet. Also on the corner of Maple and Nutley, you can find traditional Italian goodies like cannolis and other yummy things to eat with your after-dinner-espresso. I smiled at the assortment of Italian candies and chocolates offered and made a mental note to come back next time I needed something unusual for a dinner party.
  • The Pie Gourmet. Stop in here for delicious pies, cookies or pastries. The pie crust is wonderful, and the assortment of other desserts leaves you wondering how you’ll decide which to pick. (They also have dinner pies).
  • Silva’s Patisserie. If you are looking for a special occasion dessert, get thee to Silva’s. You could stop in for a treat just because, but these desserts are little works of art. And I mean little. Silva’s offers European-style mini pastries and marzipan that could double as centerpieces. The small store also features sugar sculptures like Jackie Kennedy’s dress. Silva’s is tucked away on Glyndon Street in the Maple Shopping Center.
  • Yas Bakery. Now on Church Street, Yas offers traditional Iranian pastries, baklava and sweets. You can get pastries for breakfast and pastries for dessert. It’s a win, win! And speaking of Iranian bakeries, word has it that another such bakery is going in next to Cupcakes. That corner of town is going to be dessert heaven.

Ice Cream and Frozen Delights

  • Coldstone Creamery. Although it’s not a mom-and-pop place, the ice cream is rich and the toppings plentiful. I bought a cake there once and my husband, myself and two others polished it off in one sitting. Indulgent? You bet!
  • Dairy Queen. Like Coldstone, while you can find DQ around the country, I’ve had my fair share of Blizzards in town. I think the store on Maple is worth a mention here as a reliable source.
  • Molly’s Yogurt. I’ve written several times about Molly’s, and rightly so: it’s got spectacular non-fat – yes, I said non-fat – yogurt. You’ll also find gelato and a dairy-free option. Since it’s owned by the folks of The Italian Gourmet, you can eat treats from either establishment at Molly’s.
  • Nielsen’s Frozen Custard. This always seems like such a quaint little spot to me: a place you’d go to after strolling Church Street. The custard is good and there’s lots of indoor seating, with some benches out front, too. (They also serve grinders).
  • NEW! Plush. I just saw today that this gelato and coffee places is now open. Finally! Ice cream just in time for winter. Seriously, though, I look forward to checking it out on the corner of Maple and Park.


14 thoughts on “Halloween Special: Vienna Dessert Roundup

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  2. Hubby and I stopped by last week to the new Cafe Nemooneh Bakery on the corner of Nutley and Maple. It also features Persian baked goods. The owner was a young, friendly guy who bid me try their pastry with chocolate chunks in it. He has visions of making it a place to hang out and nosh on all sorts of things. So another dessert place in that corner of town. I feel a belly-ache coming on…


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  9. Just went yesterday to the new Sweet City Desserts between Maple Avenue and Church Street, next to Pure Pasty Co. What a cool space – a nice place to sit and eat treats like muffins, mousse shooters and gelato. Check them out!


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