Green Mom Amidst the Fall Colors

“Can we try not to hate each other today?”

So said my husband, with a grin, as we backed out of the driveway, car loaded with baby and gear. I burst out laughing – we have recently tried hard not to bite each other’s heads off when we’re tired/short-tempered/hungry due to a day with the baby. At least we were keeping our sense of humor as we set off on the latest expedition with Bean.

Anyway, it’s hard to be in a bad mood these days with the colors of Fall all around. Among these colors, we headed downtown DC to the DC Green Festival to try to bring more green into our lives. We are already fairly green in our household: we drive hybrid cars (ironically, both were discontinued); compost our garbage; use environmentally friendly soaps and detergents; pay a little more on our energy bill to support renewable energy efforts; and have replaced things like our roof, windows and doors to keep energy from wafting out of the house. We’re using the Baby Ganics line of cleaners for Bean, and I like them – I’m continuously amazed at what the stain remover can take out of Bean’s clothes.

Sometimes it’s a little exhausting to compost and recycle. But I’ve learned to pick my battles: I do these things because I have a love affair with Zip Lock bags and I can’t give them up.

So we got to the festival promptly 45 minutes before it opened. Whoops! What ever will we do for 45 minutes in a convention center with our seven month old baby? We put down a blanket and proceeded to entertain her with songs and funny faces, no matter who was watching. And we survived! Once we were in, we struck a balance between keeping her in the stroller and holding her so she could see the world.

We snacked on food samples and learned about products like books printed on paper made of elephant dung and make-it-yourself soda! Who’d of thunk it? I saw whimsical kids clothing from a line I love: Happy Green Bee (their online clearance store is a bargain). And I finally got those bumper stickers I’ve been looking for. All in all, we had a fun day and were not completely exhausted at the end – bonus!

I also just tried my hand at making my own baby food! I used local produce from the Farmer’s Market (this Saturday is the last day!). I figure buying locally-grown food is better for the environment – no trucking out-of-season veggies from the west coast.  An hour and a half of steaming and pureeing, and I had 40 servings of food in the freezer for my little munchkin!

What do you do to keep green? Share your tips and strategies!

One thought on “Green Mom Amidst the Fall Colors

  1. I keep green by not showering for a week and not washing my clothes until the third time I wear them. I am amazed that you still married me:)
    The festival was great. You need to mention that this is the third year in a row we have been and each year it gets better and better.


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