Searching on a Friday Afternoon

It’s been a great week. Bean is just so cute and fun these days – giggling and wiggling and smiling all the way. And last night I was at Church Street Cellars for a Vienna Moms Night Out event – super fun with about 30 local ladies.

Next week I’ll have a special Vienna Halloween and treats post. But for now, some creative writing on a Friday afternoon. Have a great weekend!


These days, I find that I’m searching for a few things:

I’m searching for a water bottle that I can open with one hand and that won’t leak all over me when I take a sip.

I’m searching for the kind of tired that’s a hair past satisfaction for a day well spent, but a mile away from exhaustion that keeps me from standing up a minute longer.

I’m searching for more words to describe how amazingly, ridiculously, deliciously and lovingly cute my baby daughter is.

I’m looking for a good place for breakfast in this town, that perhaps has a little edge and serves healthy breakfast like whole wheat pancakes and seasonal fresh fruit. Like the places I’ve seen in funky cities like Providence or Seattle.

I’m looking for an explanation as to why the people who made my front-loading washing machine thought that doing laundry wasn’t enough work – that I have to wipe down the rim after each wash to keep it from getting full of mildew.

I’m searching for a balance in my feelings of wanting to savor every second of my baby’s growth with wanting her to hurry along and get to crawling, walking, talking.

I’m searching for a blissful meal that I can take longer than four minutes to eat.

I’d like to know why games on my iPod are so addicting. Seriously, a word scramble? Why is it so entertaining to me when my brain is fried from a long day?

I’m trying to understand how a 17 pound baby can run me so tired that my body aches for days, but I still want more.

Right now, I’m searching for a hot cup of tea.


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